A Big Fat Number Two…Eugh

Yesterday was my last day of school (as long as I get in to BMC) and to be honest no one else seemed to notice. It was wierd really, I was going to take my camera and everything but then I decided against it. Don’t know if I was making a big fuss out of nothing but the fact that half of the people won’t see me properly (i.e. for six hours a day) again didn’t seem to bother anyone. Maybe I’m being a massive prima donna and assuming everyone should have made a fuss and cared as much as I did but they didn’t. I just wanted to spend it with all my friends but that didn’t happen and almost everyone left me at lunch to go and sit in the biology room. Did feel quite bad at the end of school though because we have english last thing on Fridays for six periods (2 hours) and both of the teachers were there and we were all just sitting chatting and it was actually really nice. Good way to end it I guess. Then we got chucked out of the room and played that game Bogies from Dick and Dom and just all had to yell bogies really loudly haha. Kinda made me feel guilty for leaving but unfortunately not every day or class is like that. If it were I wouldn’t want to leave…and I do haha.

So…yeah. Sorry for this terribly depressing and probably rather boring post. I’ll post a Disney one soon when I’ve seen 10 more films (one of which I’m watching now). It’ll take me another day or two and I’ll still post in between haha.

  1. are you leaving :O? :(

  2. My word, it dawned on me this morning that you’re not actually coming back D=
    And same goes for Amanda!
    I mean, of course I knew you were leaving, but it didn’t quite… sink in. Til it smacked me this morning. How evil.

    I, however, will still be seeing properly. You know how/why? Because I said so. Life’d be boring without you. XD

    I would like to apologise for not being around much on Friday =[ Had to be the most stressful day, but I am glad you had fun at the end of the day =D And hey, having fun 2 hours out of the 6 isn’t too bad, right? Also, I have no idea what game was that you playing. Bogies? Sounds mank. (Mankey! … <3 Pokemon :3)

    Don't be too depressed, though. The people who matter will keep in touch =]

    Also, by being signed in and commenting, you're getting a link to my blog. Feel priviledged XD

    • Oh, another thing, when the exams are over, do you want to organise a party? I mean, a proper one. Not those imaginary ones we keep meaning to do but then forget/get too busy (but are still fun to think about XD)

      • yes do, we should have a party! =]

      • I actually saw you the most out of everyone on Friday! And its okay cos I tracked you down at break time and you had to do art etc.

        Yeah, I said “See you in September then!” to Amanda cos she was leaving me at lunch and then she just went “You won’t see me!” and walked off cos we’re taking different subjects even if we’re in the same place.

        It’s sucky I know. And we will be on twitter and here and facebook ALL the time! AND i’m going to try and see if I can have lunch with you guys some days. Even if its only once a week its so much better than only talking online.

        Completely agree with the party idea!!! My last exam is the 24th which is english and im pretty sure its the last exam so after then =] its a thursday so we could have one the next day? Fancy making a mad hatter cake with me?! I DECLARE A TEA PARTY!!!

  3. Even if you do do different courses, it’s still very, very likely that you’ll see each other, as long as you’ll be on the same campus. Obviously, if you’re half way across belfast from each other, it makes it a little hard XD

    Haha, and once my computer works again, I am so going runescaping avec toi again. I’m going to level up, so I’m not such a noob XDD

    You soooooo pinched my tea party idea XDD (Re: twitter) haha great minds think alike.

    Yeah, that friday sounds great! My last exam is on the 22nd, so I’m all good then =]
    We have to make a cake! And cupcakes! After your exam on thursday, we should go to my house and bake for the next day =]


      I would also like to declare/give you ideas for two new projects i thought of:


      1. AIW uh…video mini film thing. possibly a music video for Her Name is Alice but we’ll make it all creepy.

      2. Disney/Fairy Tales photography. The original idea was to get iconic shots from classic disney films like in Snow White you would do the part where you see her arm after she collapses and the apple rolls out of her hand but it can just be inspired stuff.

      Any ideas?

      • Teaparty:

        – My house
        – Evening
        – Day before, baking
        – Mad hatter themed

        Ok, all we need to do is decide on decorations, recipes and who’s invited XD

        As for your projects,
        1. Sounds like a great idea, just where are the video clips coming from? Are we filming them ourselves or using existing ones?
        2. Again, we’re recreating the shots of the films using… um, real people? XD
        Once we have these, how are we compiling them? Video, obviously, and… pretty-scrap-book-thing?

  4. 1. we’d film it all or if you could find any suitable ones they could be used. i do have my formal dress cos i cant think of any more suitable alice ones and we can steal dawn’s cat for dinah haha not really. it’d mostly be alice stumbling around woods/trees/your garden. i also wanted her to go through a mirror so its creepy and would be like alice through the looking glass but i have no clue how we would do that haha. i mean you could do the before and after by mirroring the shots but you could actually make her go through haha. the way the song starts and ends is her talking to dinah so the middle part can be her dreaming it or whatever.

    2. video? i meant pictures though. like proper photography ones. i was thinking flickr? haha and yeah a scrapbook.

    • Um, I meant video for the first one XD not for the second. Bad layout, sorreh XDD

      1. I’d hope you’d say we’d film it all =] You can be alice, since, you know, you basically have the dress. It may be pink, and slightly different, but hey, it never said you had to wear blue and a silly white apron!
      Haha, we should actually ask dawn if we can borrow her kitty :3 She should be involved too, anyway =]
      …Can I be the queen of hearts? If we’re using a queen of hearts, of course. Also, the going through the mirror idea is great. I think I already have some ideas how to do that.
      Love how my garden has magically turned into wonderland. Convenient, isn’t it? XDD

      2. I also meant photos. Although, if the shots actually turn out well enough, I don’t know if we should host them free online, except maybe a couple. I was thinking that if they actually looked good, we should make proper scrapbook things and maybe sell a few online. That depends on how they turn out of course. If they don’t end up look professional enough, online is fine XDD

      • 1. well dawn’s cat is a houe cat so we cant take it to yours or anything but we could do the start and end on her stairs cos her house is quite old with me talking to her cat haha and then go out her front door and end up in your garden XD. of course you can =] i need to follow a rabbit though…? yeah i’ll just wear stripey tights or something haha. i do have a navy and white dress but its too modern and i generally like my one cos its pouffy haha. i could buy/fashion myself a black or whatever dress seeing as its going to be darker but theres not really any point if i already have this dress thats suitable enough…
        yeah cos youre garden so looks like wonderland haha

        2. ah okay. i though that the last line was only related to the second one but i get it now. yeah agreed. we shall sell them/keep them haha. any ideas for other shots? i suppose the cinderella one would be her dropping her slipper. aladdin – we need a flying carpet haha. i actually think the snow white one is the easiest. ariel would be her on that rock. beauty and the beast would probably be them dancing in the ballroom (so unless you have a ballroom and your brother has an extremely hairy face…) sleeping beauty…probably her sleeping? or pricking her finger? or singing once upon a dream with the prince in the forest. no clue for pocahontas. thats all the princesses except tiana but i havent seen the princess and the frog. oh, and mulan actually. peter pan would be wendy sleeping with peter at like the end of her bed (or outside her window) or them, flying through london but thats too difficult haha. whats left? all the ones about dogs…tarzan, hercules, hunchback of notre dame, the lion king (i dont have a lion to spare), robin hood, jungle book and sword in the stone. those are the main ones. then i suppose rapunzel and the black cauldron.

  5. 1. Oh yeah, I never thought of transporting her cat… XD Her stairs would be the perfect location, though. My house would be waaay too modern looking anyway.
    Yay I’m teh queen o hearts!
    Um, I have a teddy white rabbit (if that makes any sense) Um, stop motion animation for that?
    Nyeh, I think your dress would be perfect. I have white lace fingerless gloves, and a bunch of black lace wrist warmers, so you can take your pick of those too.
    I think we should get amanda to join. She’d make a great mad hatter or a character like that.
    Also, I now have a black mini top hat with black lace and white pearls on it. I think that may come in handy too… and my pocket watch, and parasol, and… actually, I can think of many props that we may decide to use in the end.
    Yep, it’s lucky that I live where I live XD

    2. I had actually press enter for that last line, i just didnt think the line above it would actually go to the end of its line. XD
    The cinderella one – well, deciding what shoe to use would probably be the height of that one’s difficulty.
    A flying carpet… we used to have the best carpet ever, but i think we threw out a few years ago… hhhmmm… and the costumes might be hard to do, but those nasty looking harem pants are very fashionable these days, so I guess we could those…
    Ariel would be fine. I can photoshop her tail. I’ve done that before, so no probs =]
    Beauty and the best… um, my brother has really hairy… legs… -__-” you could have beast after he turns back, or before he gets changed to begin with. so he could be depicted as an evil bum, with belle shown as his saviour. that kinda idea. i dunno.
    Sleeping beauty… we could go to that museum in lisburn where they have a spinning wheel that you’re allowed to muck about on.
    Pocahontas… um, someone dress up as an indian and we could… go to tullymore. We could take a few of them in tullymore. I’m sure i could convince ma mere to take us.
    IIIIII can’t be bothered going through the rest, but you get the idea, yes? =]

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