A Day Wasted

Really didn’t mean to waste today…but I did. Got up at about 12ish to my brother making rreally annoying noises in his room which turned out to be Band Hero which must have got delivered today. Glad he got that over Rock Band=]. Made some food. Went online. Checked Twitter and the blog and then spent ages looking at We Heart It. Felt a bit nostalgic looking at pictures of gameboys and video tapes so I spent ages writing my last post which took so long because its a really long post (!) and I had to put all the pictures in it. Went downstairs to look at out videos because I randomly remembered some I used to have. Quite a few Disney ones have been given away including The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Peter and the Wolf and I don’t know what else. Did find a video of nursery rhymes though and if its the one I thik it is, its very creepy haha. Eventually when my mother came home from work I opened my schoolbag which has been on my floor since Froday and found that one of the Pepsi cans in it had dripped onto my ICT past paper questions. I had finished the can but nevermind. Wish I could do that to all of my papers. Made it kinda sticky though. My mother didn;t come up to my room so I haven’t done anything. Thing is that I can actually work better at night so chances are that I will get through quite a lot later. I have to go into school tomorrow for an extra history revision class so I guess that’ll come in handy. She bought me loads of food =]. Now i have a bunch of vegan choclate bars and packets of buttons (even white ones!) on my bed. And Fig Rolls of course. Accidentally ate half the packet so I have to be careful. Haven’t even watched a movie today! Gosh, what a waste.

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