The fact that this guy can see that he is talking to a Pokemon which may or may not be made of cardboard and is still not backing down is quite creepy. It’s actually quite a good costume considering. Why do I never meet the interesting people on Chatroulette or Omegle Video?Catroulette…What else can be said?

I remember none of this conversation. I don’t think the rabbit actually did anything. I assume it’s just because the person didn’t want to have the camera on their face but you can’t get on Chatroulette without one.

I loved this duck. He told me his hair was like Jedward’s. He danced and everything. Don’t remember much more unfortunately. Sorry I look so scary.

I suppose I have had my fair share of wierdos on Omegle actually…that damn Ramirez! Or I’ve been a wierdo myself saying things like “There’s a ghost in my room o.O” and either having long conversations about ghosts or them disconnecting thinking I was mental and “HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY!” until the other person says its their birthday…I bet it isn’t. Either you get wierdos, boring people or perverts…it’s stinky.

And yes, I did steal the original image and the title (kinda) from Gearfuse and i’m not even sorry for it.

  1. How did you get the picture behind your toolbar on firefox? lol

    • what do you mean behind the toolbar…? =S theyre just printscreens…?

      • No XD, I mean the one behind your toolbar and tabs. The wee flowery image with what looks like a goldfish XD. How did you get that :)? XD

        • oh right haha. its my theme on firefox. click on tools on your toolbar and click on addons. click on themes at the top and then get themes at the bottom. mines the “japanese tattoo” one =] yeah its a goldfish =]

  2. PAHAHA I love your conversation with the kitty person.



    Have they changed the layout for chatroulette?
    I wish I would go on chatroulette, but the thought of old guys doing nasties on the webcam puts me off each time… =[
    Spazmo uses chatroulette tho. He’s had some funny encounters =]

    • I haven’t been on in forever so I don’t know but if the top one is chatrolette (i’m pretty sure it is) then they must have. my first two are chatroulette and the last one is omegle.

      im glad you like how boring that conversation is XD

      yeah, its gross. you should go on with him sometime and see if you can find me XD

      • Aaaand along the way find a bunch o old creeps. Joy to the cheese!

        Yeah, if you look at the url in your windies… it says which sites they are XDD hahaha

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