All I wanted was a mix tape.

Either I can’t remember how to make mix tapes or my CD player is broken. I thought you put the cassette in, then played a CD or the radio or whatever and then pressed record? I’m pretty sure how that’s how we always did it…Do you have to use a completely blank one? I think I have a blank BBC one downstairs. Not that it matters anyway. I can’t find my cassette player either so it would have to be played on my CD player or the boombox…if I get this to work this is what you’re all getting for Christmas haha. I did go up to the attic to look for my cassette player and then looked through all of our cameras and could find every brand but the Polaroid which was the one I wanted. Then went downstairs to look for it and found some Jimmy Nail tapes (my dad used to play these in the car ALL the time…I knew all the words) and an old BBC recording of Macbeth but still, my red cassette player remains lost. I had it a while ago too. GAH. Honestly. how can you have something one day and then have it disappear not that long after? If I could find my mum in this mess of a house I’d ask her but I think we tidied her into a cupboard a few weeks ago. Found loads of old pictures though. In all the ones of us in Spain, my dad actually looks so young, its scary. Funny to think that I probably thought he looked really old then haha but he was in like his forties o.O. It’s also funny to think that in like twenty years I’ll look at pictures from him now and think he looks young. It was bizarre. Even my nanny looked young…and she was always old to me XD. She wasn’t in Spain with us. That was some other pictures. I did seem to be wearing Disney t-shirts though XD and some Barbie ones which I would still wear now if I had them. Come to the conclusion that I was adorable when i was younger but my sister wasn’t quite as cute. I’ll show you some pictures sometime if you need proof provided I know you or we meet at some point.

So, if you’ve found this blog ages after this entry was written…make me a mix tape. Chances are that I will be overly pleased and may have found my tape player by then or bought a new one. If you’re reading this soon after I write it…buy me a tape player? I’ve honestly spent all day looking for it. It wasn’t even that long since I made one…I hope. It’s what we did in the olden days before anyone knew what burning CDs was. Instead of my brother copying Now 44 onto a CD for me (how the hell would you do that?!) he put it on a tape for me. True story.

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