“Isn’t it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?”

I don’t think I’ll ever be on trend. If those 3D glasses do get popular I will feel deceived. I liked them first. Also, in Back to the Future 1 there’s a guy who always wears those cheapo 3D glasses. In the 50’s too. Were 3D films around then? I have old school Ray Ban glasses which make me look like John Lennon and made Tascha say “Don’t you look so cool?” which I think means that I didn’t. They’re my dads and we all know he’s really stylish. Actually my dad’s a cowboy…I’ll explain this one later. I’d actually like some Aviators but I think they’d make me always want to watch Top Gun. Maybe I’ll just get a parasol. “Cool in the 1800s and Jane Austen novels, cool again in your life but not really.”

And now I think about it, this quote doesn’t have much to do with this post apart from the fact that he was an aviator…sorry. Oh, and he flew from New York and I’m wearing my Hard Rock New York t-shirt…? I don’t know. It’s the first thing I thought of.

  1. You look like John Lennon wearing those glasses.
    Not a bad thing, and even though I know I sounded very sarcastic, I didn’t mean to be XD I meant more along the lines of… you look like John Lennon XDD

    Um. You look like John Lennon.

    • And parasols rock ma damn sock. (Just the one. I’m only wearing one.)

      • Are you saying John Lennon doesn’t look great?!

        Mine too…or mine two =]

        • No! I nevar said that!
          Them glasses look snazzy. But also make you look like John Lennon (or Joen, as I typed first. h and e are nowhere near each other!)

          sssooooo… by that logic… John Lennon = snazzy?

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