Blog Eight…I Think.

I hate when people can’t speel spell. It’s worsened when what they’re typing is rubbish too.

1. It is not a “tuching storyyy”.

2. Poor Tim.

3. I very much doubt that the girl and the boy had a diner.

4. If he doesn’t like peas…leave him alone. I’m sure many people don’t and I’m also sure that no one cares.

5. No he didn’t.

6. Her boyfriend died from eating peas and instead of screaming of phoning an ambulance…she finished his food?!

7. This person likes threes too much. I can see why this <3 is a heart but with extra threes, you should consider surgery especially the one that has a space between the < and the 3…the blood will fall out.

8. People do not speak like this and I have not even begun to talk about how we should pronounce “p3as”…(PUHTHREEAS).

This ones a bit creepier…

1. It is only “luv stoRy #23” if you read 22 before that.

2. “1 week anniversary” is not a thing.

3. If they have only been going out a week, they do not love each other.

4. Either he does not know how to ride a motorcycle or was in a crash but it has not mentioned a crash. It only says that “he die” although if he was in a crash surely it should have been mentioned? It just looks like he has died from the excitement of it or something.

5.They had sex within a week before saying they loved one another? I’m not even going to comment on the sheer stupidity of this.

6. After the baby was born the doctor scrambled inside her uterus?…WHY?!

7. So either the baby wrote a note from the dad and left it there or the dad ejaculates notes of love?

8. Do the purple letters spell anything or am I blind?

  1. Is it just me or does the voice in your head start speaking like a lolcat what you read that?

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