Films That Take Place In One Day Are The Best.

I would like to express my undying love for The Breakfast Club. If you haven’t seen it go watch it cos you should have. It’s one of those movies that everyone has seen but as it came out in the 80s that’s probably not true anymore but I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In case you hadn’t gathered from the title (and haven’t seen it), it takes place in one day. In 9 hours actually and was written in two days. Basically 5 teenagers have detention on a saturday (which starts at 7am?!) and…that’s it really. Watched it the other day cos I hadn’t seen it in a while and it’s actually as good as I remembered it. Funny that it was made in the 80s but they all still had stereotypes which are pretty similar to the ones we have now. Except you wouldn’t call them what they call them. Although I don’t think there are groups of basket heads at schools these days although that would be both funny and worrying. Suppose we have emo now though. In case you didn’t know this is also pretty much the start of the brat pack. I’m scared to think that our version of the brat pack is everyone from the Disney channel + Twilight and wherever the hell Taylor Swift came from although they are in films with other people and not just each other which would be worse. The only real reason that the brat pack were always in films with each other is because John Hughes wrote most of them and must have liked shoving them all in films together (which worked rather well) although it is strange to see them with different people in each one such as in St. Elmo’s Fire, which includes three people from The Breakfast Club – the criminal, the basket case and the athlete and the girl who plays the basket case on this cheats on the criminal with the guy that the princess ended up with in Pretty in Pink (where she dressed like an OLD LADY). I only used their stereotypes n this movie to explain what happened but I think I might have made it more complicated…whoops.

Another film from the 80s that I love and takes place in one day is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s where Save Ferris got their name from. It was also written by John Hughes and was filmed at the same school that The Breakfast Club was filmed at and came out a year after. I think of it every time I’m off school because I always wanted a day off like Ferris’. It also has Jennifer Grey in it who looks exactly the same as she did in Dirty Dancing which can’t have come out much longer after but I’m too lazy to check and like doing this off the top of my head. I think the main reason I like this film is because it shows you how to get off school (something I’m good at) and basically some major ninja-ing techniques (something I’m also majorly good at). Basically a guy called Ferris Bueller feigns sickness and gets a day off school. His friend Cameron is also off sick but he is actually sick. He makes Cameron go over (he really doesn’t want to cos he’s ill) and they phone the school to get Ferris’ girlfriend out. The principal knows/thinks that Ferris has phoned to get her out and yells down the phone at him until Ferris phones the other line (Cameron had phoned) and the principal has to apologise thinking that it was actually her dad. This is possibly my favourite scene in it apart from the end when Ferris’ sister (who is annoyed that he got the day off because she knows he isn’t sick) is driving home from the police station after getting arrested (long story) and she races him home but then is nice and pretty much covers for him. It’s also one of, if not, the first movie to have a credit cookie (which is when something happens after the credits) because films hadn’t been puting credits at the end for that long. It’s good that like 10 years earlier if you waited till after the credits you got a film but now if you wait till after the credits you’ve missed the film. Huh.

I really have nothing more to say about these films except that John Hughes wrote good films (he wrote Home Alone a few years later which Ferris Bueller’s Day Off actually reminds me of and he wrote Flubber which I haven’t seen in years) and that we should write more films which take place in short amounts of time so…I’ll be over in the week =D.

  1. I actually have never heard of that first one there. And what the heck is a “basket case”?! *imagines someone with a basket on their head* …wtf…?

    Also, I love how “ninja-ing techniques” links back to my blog XDD

    Oh yeah, have heard of the second film. Not seen it, though. Did you know Jim Carey turned that role down for another? Haha

    • Really? I always think of it as a pretty well known film but I actually can’t think of anywhere that it’s been mentioned. I did stick links as to where you can watch them you know.

      Yeah I noticed that haha.

      The girl who is a basket case is actually bizarre. She’s just kinda mental and kinda emo XD.

      I did not know that! I’m glad they didn’t though. I mean, I like Jim Carey and all but I actually don’t think he’d suit the role or he’d change it a lot because his characters/style of comedy is all pretty similar.

      You should watch them though. Especially…well just watch both =].

      • Well… she doesn’t look very emo in that picture… huh
        Haha, oh yeah =D I see them linkages nao. I’ll go watch them when I have time… heh
        Yeah, this is a short reply. I’m going to post on mah blog soon… so that’ll be why, then… haha

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