Ode To The Mario Man

Ah, the speed of the race
As I finish the chase
And end up in first place wahey
Oh, the speed of the race
And the look on your face
Is all that I care today

So grab your remote
And cast down your coat
Cos right now were gonna play
We’ll spin and we’ll swerve
Right a-round the curve
In Mario Kart today

Theres A to excel
And B to propel
Yourself backwards if that is the way
But trust me, I know –
You’re going too slow
Use the shell and you’ll be away

There’s Toad and then Bowser
And your internet browser
To learn all the tricks of the trade
But train with your mate
To reseal your fate
And you’ll get to that very first place!

Notes: I wrote this a very long time ago…well a few months actually but thats long enough. I wrote it in like two minutes cos I was bored one night (I often write poetry or songs at night and this is one of the very few you’ll ever see). Obviously its kind of inspired from the Quidditch one in Quidditch Through the Ages (Oh, the thrill of the chase as I soar through the air…) for no reason other that I thought of it right before I wrote it. I sent it to Tascha who said I was a “literary genius” and that she “loved the poam!” so you’re all lucky and get to read it cos its a silly one.  I also remembered I meant to write her a Halo one ages ago but i forgot and I don’t know enough about Halo except that if you play it with Tascha and she kills you, she will continue to shoot you after you die…ON THE BUM.

  1. *ahem* May I remind you?
    …Literary genius.
    And I still love that internet browser part. The only way that makes sense is if someone were to look up cheats or a walkthrough for this particular mario game… but WhoTF does that?! It’s a racing game! XDD

    Also, a huge moth keeps banging against my window and scaring me.

    • I wish I were a literary genius. I still kinda hate that rhyme. Yeah I know, but maybe they want to know if there are any hidden shortcuts or something? I don’t know, maybe they are just unbelievably stupid and want to know why it says “wrong way” all the time?

      It’s not a moth…it’s Batman. No wonder he’s scaring you; he probably breaks your window every time.

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