“Interviewer: ‘Bieber’ is German for basketball, true or false?
Justin: Is what?
Interviewer: Is ‘German’ for basketball, true or false..
Justin: German?
Interviewer: German, might be the kiwi accent there. German.. german, y’know –
(shows him the card where it says the word ‘german’)
Justin: Uh, I don’t know what that means, we don’t say that in America. I like basketball, if that’s what you’re asking
Interviewer – *hysterical laughter*”

Seriously? I haven’t seen this (why would I have?) but it sounds ridiculous. Umm…I am speechless.

EDIT:: I found it…not that it makes a difference.

  1. WHOA WHAT?! I feel insulted!!!!!!!

    A prep girl told me she liked him. Then again, she was, like, P4.

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