Blog Fifteen.

What I actually did do today:

1. Did do lots of ICT revision which is good….woohoo.

2. Did go round to King’s Square, bought stamps and posted the envelope (there was stuff in it too).

3. Also got a Subway while I was there so I didn’t have to bother making dinner which was pretty lazy but nevermind.

4. Blogged…a lot.

5. Went on Facebook, talked to Amanda. Thought I had pissed her off but apparently not haha. Also played that Shivering Kittens game which is almost Tetris but more difficult.

6. Messed around trying to fix up blog for ages. Added all the wee side blobs there ->. Obviously haven’t finished the about me one and I need to figure out (or someone tell me) how to put text under the calendar? Or do you need to add another text box?

7. Started tagging loads of posts but they take ages and I’m lazy so I’ll have to finish all this tomorrow i.e. later because I need to sleep now.

  1. you need to add a text box under your calendar. thats how i added my events :)

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