“Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what’s to come.”

Does anyone else think that its easier to choose everyone else’s future than your own? Honestly, if me and my friends got together, I think we could choose the fate of everyone in our year. I don’t know what people would say about me. I’m not particularly good at anything (not that I try) and I really am not warming to any job I think of (with the exception of being in Pepsi ads and owning Disney, and even they lose their appeal after a while). Theres loads of stuff I like the thought of but not for my entire life. I think I’ll end up living like a cartoon. You know the ones where what they do in one episode isn’t continued to the next? One week they’re working in the circus and the next, they’re a really successful movie star (see Betty Boop for details)? I think I decided this a while ago. I will be a mixture of a cartoon and a Barbie doll. Great. I think the fact is that when you watch a movie and you see them with a really cool job and then you kind of think “Huh. I could do that.” I know kids only really do this. They watch a movie and then pretend to be the person for about 3 weeks and then see another film and move on to that. That’s what I do except I shove it into the predicted timeline of my life (for such a thing exists, you know)  hope that everything plays out accordingly. So far it includes working at the Disney Parks (hopefully all 5 but I’d probably settle for one or the Cruise Line), being an Air Hostess (inspired from the Busted song, the Virgin Atlantic adverts, View from the Top, Catch Me If You Can and that Britney video cos I like her hat), being a stand up comedienne with Tascha as my manager (inside joke. many people inspired this but I don’t want to do this any more), being a journalist (dunno where this came from but after watching Scream and Get a Clue I don’t want to be as nosy as them) although I suppose I could just not write articles about people but about stuff that matters (although in the case of Scream the fact that people were getting murdered is pretty important and she was a TV journalist anyway), writing comedy (probably a sitcom or two and some films but I think I’d want to be in them which might wreck them), being in a band (both a proper one and a wizard rock band, also inspired by a bunch of people including Marty McFly who is ace on guitar), write some books under a pen name and then say that its me on my death-bed (although I have no intentions on dying), opening a 50’s diner (vegan obv), opening an old-fashioned sweet shop (vegan) and probably every time of every restaurant ever but in vegan format. I think I just want to revolutionise food…and cinema and TV. I’d also quite like a chat show. A proper one though. With games and items and stuff. I’d prank people and not just interview celebrities cos that looks boring. I would also like to own Disney but I don’t think I could handle it. The company is SO different to how it was when Walt was in control. Now there are so many different people in charge of different things. I mean, they do have  President and CEO and everything but they also have different people in charge of merchandise and parks and resorts and then there is Walt Disney Studios which is i charge of some of the films etc etc.

After all this, I’m not quite sure where this leaves me. Basically I really like movies but probably can’t act and even if I could I’d want to write them too. Kuh. Anyone fancy dictating my future for me? Maybe I’ll just become a yes (wo)man for a while and see where I go from there although with all the e-mails UCAS are currently sending me, this may result in a career in medicine which I don’t want. Can’t I just go to Neverland or live in Hogwarts forever or something?

  1. …How about movie critic? And then you’d get to meet lots of famous people, fall in love with some rich and wealthy actor (or actress, whatevs XD) and then you’d be set for life.
    Um… so… movie critic?

    • I suppose I could be a movie critic but i’d be awfully biased haha. I think i’d really only know what I was talking about if it was a Disney film and i’d still say it was good even if it wasn’t. And to get famous people to like you, you need to suck up big time XD so i’d only go out with people who I thought were good actors cos they wouldn’t be pleased about a bad review and then what if we were together for years and then I had to review one of their films and hated it? Do I have to tell the truth or pretend that its a great film when its not? Maybe I should write a movie about this. Famous actor is in a movie. Attractive female movie critic says its not good. He goes and meets her and they have coffee. He falls in love with her a bit and then realises that she is engaged to his “rival” or whatever. There is a huge fight. Too far? Maybe they just fall in love then.

      • Um…
        Be a disney movie critic.
        Say it was a disappointing movie, as the studio has had records of much higher standards in the past, assure them it must be one off, and say that the only acting that supported in the movie at all was performed by the actor you had that major girlish crush on.
        Sorted! XDD
        It’d be a pretty rubbish movie if all that drama didn’t happen, so I’ll disregard those last two sentence, and demand you make that movie. :3

        • haha fair enough. i dont think i can just say im going to be a movie critic but only for one company haha. so basically blame the fact that you didnt like the movie on everything but the person you like/are going out with haha. that still might be bending the truth a bit haha.

          yeah okay. they have a huge fight… no she goes and sees a film that he is in (or has a dream or a vision or something) where the two guys (possibly played by the two actual guys but that would be unrealistic) are both trying to win over a girl and then she chooses the guy that the critic woman is not engaged to because she loves him and she didnt love the other guy and then the critic woman breaks it off with the guy shes engaged to because she was going to marry him because of the security the relationship gave her (deep, right) and then she goes to the other guys door and its raining really heavily and then the guy opens the door and shes like I CHOOSE YOU (in the non-pokemon sense) and then his uh lady friend (who is a really famous actress and may well ahve been in that movie/dream/vision from earlier) comes to the door and is like uh…whos this? and then he tells her to bug off and he takes the critic aside and says something along the lines of the fact that he waited for her (this must happen in a longer time period than a week) but she broke his heart and now he has someone else. yes? no? …tell me this does not sound like the notebook…

          • You could… I dunno. Insist you won’t review anything but disney…? But then you wouldnt be hired… whatever…

            Anyway, I’m playing fable ii and I just helped a real creeper. The graveyard keeper found a picture of dead woman, fell in love (because she was the only one who didnt turn away from him… its a picture, durp) and she’s been dead 500 years. Sooo… we had to go through a whole frankenstein’s monster process. whilst he swoons over some freaky skeleton… which he gave a love potion to.
            Surprisingly, she comes back to life and doesnt look like a complete freak, and she falls in love with you. Which is were the timer comes. You have to get out of this massive masion, of which you cant open the doors while they talk (which they do non-stop) in 30 seconds!
            …Or you’re married to Dead Girl.

            Anyway, yeah.

            It’s a good storyline… I think it sounds fantastic. Just two things:
            1. If Pikachu popped (not pooped, as I actually typed) up, it would make the plot line much more intriguing and better (for me)
            2. It sounds like the notebook.

            • Yeah, unless I got hired by a Disney magazine or something…
              That sounds strange. I did a runescape members quest where you had to get a bunch of body parts and make a frankenstein thing. it was pretty gross. turned out that the scientist guy had killed pretty much everyone in the area for parts.

              1. she can wear a pikachu t shirt or something
              2. i didnt realised it did until the end. poo. okay then, she stays with the guy because of the security and then her and the other guy bump into each other and they both say that they love each other but it would never work and then they decide that theyll make it work, even if she hates his films…this sucks.

              • What is it with people being nastay about body parts! Go find yourself a living person, dammit! XDD
                Oh yeah, the graveyard guy had a lantern on his hat.

                1. That’s less interesting.
                2. Yeah, this movie started out sounding good and now its getting silly XDD like most of our ideas.
                How about going for a murder mystery type movie with action and stuff, and its the movie critic who’s the only one sensible enough to solve it, with all of her movie knowledge and love for the likes of poirot and sherlock holmes. Whilst wearing the Pikachu t shirt, of course

                • i dont know D=
                  like a miner’s hat? =]

                  1. yeah it is but its more realistic than pikachu coming to the door as the actor guy’s lady friend o.O
                  2. i love that this has gone from a lovey dovey movie to a murder =] that would be cool though. it would be kinda like scream in a way – in scream they treat it like a horror movie. theres a guy whos obsessed with movies and he goes through the rules for surviving a horror film. the killers in the first one discuss films that they were inspired by etc. in our version the girl who figures it out could be a movie critic (well kinda but she has to have seen poirot and sherlock holmes – tv versions, books, films et al, scooby doo and read nancy drew and everything). maybe shes the writer of a detective show and is just generally a big fan of that kind of thing? then there could be a ditzy actress who tries to figure it all out and gets it wrong and is just trying to impress some actor guy who ends up with the detective critic writer woman in the end. this is as if theyre all in one house. like cluedo. maybe theyre there for a meeting because there have been low viewing figures or something. although there is a cluedo film which is actually meant to be like cluedo. i think its called clue because i think thats what cluedo is called in america? i’ll google it … “Clue is a 1985 comedy film based on the board game of the same name. The film is a murder mystery set in a Gothic Revival mansion” and guess whos in it? christopher lloyd! haha must be how i know of it. ANYWAY the characters probably all assume that its someone in the house seeing as its in the middle of nowhere (surprise surprise) but theres a trap door or a basement or someone evil locked in the attic. i dont know theres a twist somewhere.

  2. No, this is his hat <3 I want it

    1. Are you being racist against pokemon?! *whimpers* … *bursts into tears*

    2. The movie critic should be working at a movie at that time too, and as the actual story progresses, she begins to realise that what is happening is happening in the movie she's reviewing. And theeeen it turns out that the movie is actually based on sections of her own life, and the creator of the movie is connected to her in some way! How? I haven't decided yet. But what do you think of that??
    OH OH OH and they're in the creator of the movie's house, as they are there for a dinner party the night before the premier of the movie, and the critic is there for interviews and the like! Only, the creator dude (im sure theres a proper name for this) hasn't been seen all evening, only his servants and notes left lying around have been communicating the wishes of the creator. At first everyone suspects there's something up with him, but then that's where the big plot twist comes in…!

  3. Thats a really cool hat!
    1. probably.
    2. if shes just reviewing the film she would go and see it and then write the review. she doesnt see it over time or whatever so unless they all get together to watch the film and there are interruptions and they have to keep pausing or something, i dont know how that would work and that coudl only be at like a sleepover or something (unless the interruptions are murders or something and i doubt youd pause the movie and come back to it later then youd get the hell out of there).

    maybe theyre her creepy stalker.
    maybe they were separated at birth
    maybe she was abducted by aliens and when they did tests on her they found all this out and decided that with this information they would try and break into the film industry
    maybe the film is based on someones life from like 100 years ago and the writer/ideas person suggests to her that maybe her life is based on her and then shes like what?! this isnt a movie! and then the other person goes sure its not and waves at the camera and then they decide to get into the real world…ive gone too far again

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