Blog Nineteen

Newsy poos

1. My aunt is coming over tomorrow. The one who was meant to come ages ago but couldn’t because of the ash cloud. I don’t know if she’s bringing anyone with her (i.e. my uncle and cousin) but no ones mentioned them so I guess not. She’s coming over because my nanny has to have a heart operation which is really the bigger news. Apparently it’s not without risk and basically either way, she’s not doing that well. This is also why we haven’t booked our holiday yet this year apparently which is quite worrying because that either means my mother thinks she’s going to die or that we’ll need to be here for some reason…

2. (slight upnote) We might be getting a cat. There’s one that has been hanging round our house for a while. It sits at the front door, then it moves to the backdoor. It actually just sits there for ages. My sister really wants it. She’s actually obsessed. She’s also convinced herself its a girl too. Got in today and my mother had bought cat food. It’s strange because it’s not really a small cat either. I mean, it’s not fully grown but it’s wierd that it just came out of nowhere and seems to be alright and it’s used to people. I think it either actually belongs to someone or was abandoned but I think my mum’s gonna take it to the vet tomorrow and get it scanned to see if anyone owns it and to generally make sure its okay. I also don’t think I’m going to be able to get in there on names either. Apparently Garfield for a ginger cat is unoriginal and if it does turn out to be a girl I’ve got nothing unless I name it after Amy Pond although it doesn’t look like an Amy or an Amelia. Huh. None of the cats in Disney films have good names either. Lucifer? Really? I don’t even know how we’re allowed it. Neither my brother nor my dad are big cat fans. Although neither am I to be honest so I don’t know how this is going to happen at all. Then again I guess its cos the cat literally showed up on our doorstep.

So, yeah thats my news. Don’t think I have anything else to report. Oh, Gemma Hill, the drummer from Robots in Disguise and Danimal Kingdom tweeted at me earlier. Well, I tweeted at her first…what do you mean you don’t know who she is? Kuh.

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