Cat Update

My mother phoned the vets this morning who said that they didn’t have a cat like this one on the list of lost pets but we should phone other vets in the area because they all have lists. All of the vets in the area were phoned and there was only one similar one but it turned out that the cat had gone back home so it wasn’t that one. Then the Cats Protection League were phoned who said that she could be put down (WTF? What a way to protect cats – kill them. Idiots.), check her into Assisi Animal Shelter or keep her. So I think we are going to keep her. She’s actually so tame. She keeps coming into the kitchen and just meowing and then we’re like …what? and she just leaves haha. It turns out my sister wants to call her Blossom…uh no. My mother suggested Lady GaGa haha and then I said Beyonce? And then my mum said that was a good name haha. She keeps asking me about Disney cats and she said we can’t call her Lucifer. She said she likes the name Molly for cats but theres already a cat called Molly who lives across th street. She said Poppy which is quite nice. Anyway, we gave the cat some you know, cat food and then she went and sunbathed (after walking round our house) and just rolled around in the grass. It was quite sweet. She’s a tortoiseshell and looks like a small tiger. So yeah, I think thats all I have to say about her.


    Why can’t you call her Lucifer? Awk… so mean… =[ Haha I know why, but it’d still be awesome… How come that disney cat is called Lucifer? I’da thought, it being disney and all, they’da re-named him…

    Call her dinah…?

    • I suggested Dinah! haha we cant come to an agreement and we all keep saying silly ones haha. Every time my mother opens the door she yells out a different name. Its actually so funny. She just opens the door and goes Murial? Beyonce? Tiger? hahahaha my brother wants her to be called toffee haha.

      Its a girl so I couldn’t really call her Lucifer anyways. I have suggested pants and chimney pot but apparently not. i also like Catwoman but…no haha. I like Scarlett though.

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