I’m Not Allowed To Tweet D=

Apparently I have reached the “status update limit” and I have to wait a few hours. Originally I thought it meant altogether seeing as it stopped on a really round number (8140) but I think it’s the hourly one seeing as I did tweet a lot due to Eurovision and more than one person I know being online at once and I know that there are people who have more tweets than me! In case you didn’t know, there is a daily and hourly allowance of status updates on Twitter. I think it’s so that Twitter doesn’t get over capacity all the time if every tweets loads and loads although Twitter still does get over capacity loads so sorry if it did for you tonight! That was probably me. This is the first time this has happened for me though. It’s bizarro.

Also, while we’re on the subject, we lost Eurovision big time. Honestly, LAST?! Why don’t they actually get people who we already know are good singers? They should have got Susan Boyle seeing as she was famous worldwide on YouTube from her Britain’s Got Talent thing. Or Rick Astley. Everyone loves him. To be honest, with people like Elton John and so on, the UK should have someone representing us who we want to represent us! They really should just pick someone from the charts cos it would do a lot better. And also, a year too late, I like Germany’s song from last year. Dita Von Teese was in it (still don’t get why) who I love and it really should have done better. Love Graham Norton’s commentary and he made it so much funnier than it would have been (although Sir Terry Wogan is a legend). Might comment on Germany’s song next year if you’re lucky.

EDIT:: I am allowed to tweet now =]

  1. I just listened to last year’s germany song. I actually really like it… ^_^” He actually sounds good speaking in english. I’m assuming Dita von Teese is meant to be this “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” or whatever. Bahahaha that sounds ridiculous out of context.

    Germany won this time WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Haha the UK’s entry sucked, though. We need rick astley! XD

    • yeah i would assume so but its on my ipod now. it and the last years winner are all i have haha. i’ll prbably get this years winner too for good measure.

      agreed. rick astley would so win!

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