It’s On, Bitch

Someone undid my edit of Wikipedia! I watched the film Groundhog Day yesterday and decided to edit it’s wikipedia page to say that the song, Ticket Outta Loserville by Son of Dork mentions it. There’s already a whole section for when it’s mentioned in music so it’s hardly a big deal. I added the following sentence:

“In the 2005 song Ticket Outta Loserville by UK pop punk band Son of Dork, the film is mentioned in the opening lines, “When I go to sleep I pray/I’m waking up to ‘I Got You Babe’/Like the guy from Groundhog Day/Just wanna live forever this way…” ”

Honestly, is there anything wrong with it? There’s links and everything! But then today when I looked at it, my sentence was gone! Looking at the history of the page, someone with a very questionable name had removed it. I mean, sure it’s not really important but surely it’s part of the film’s legacy which is what the whole section is about? I don’t know. My friend Tascha, who I have noticed I mention often, said that there’s no point in undoing it unless I want to start a “big edit war/dispute”. Honestly, who can be bothered? Well, I am educating people and I think that freedom of speech (shut up, i know this isn’t right) allows me to do so. I’m not vandalising but adding to the article. And Son Of Dork are cool. Shut up.

So, I undid what the other person did so my sentence is back and it’s there to stay. Honestly, it’s on, bitch.

  1. Bahahahaha XDD Son of Dork are cool? Awk =]
    Alright, go ahead, I’m sure this’ll be amusing to watch =D And you’re right, it’s only a sentence and there’s nothing wrong with it! not particularly noteworthy [to *ahem* most] but it’s not vandalism and you /are/ adding to the section.

    Haha, and you mention me like every second post, but that’s good advertising for me own blog =] and I feel more popular. XDD

    • They removed it again last night which I undid again and now it says I’ve been vandalising so I don’t know if I can do it again? Yeah I do haha. I would mention other people but I won’t if they don’t have blogs as I’ve got nowhere to link to unless I just put “my friend, whatsherface”

      • Nope, they must not be mentioned. I am the only one worthy of a mention. =]

        oh… well, if they consider it vandalism… check out the discussion page, and see if they’ve said anything. They could block your ip…

        • poo poo. nope doesnt look like its been mentioned on the discussion page. i just dont get why its been removed cos theres really nothing wrong with it.

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