I Heart Pie Charts

They really make me lol.

My nanny once said “Is that Stephen?”

Then Glee messed it up which is a good thing to make a pie chart of. “Amount of songs I actually like the Glee cover of” 100% none.

So far today this is completely true but there’s nowhere else I need to go anyway.

True. Not that its really difficult to find porn. You just search “sex videos”…not that I would know. Nice that this person has made it the colour of the logo too.

I think I’m green although my mother did once drag me downstairs in the middle of the night to watch a Queen concert.

True. Although the whole ice caps melting thing really needs to be looked at.

These colous are horrible…does this go counter-clockwise?!

  1. This is brilliant =]

    • agreed! theres a book of them that i look at everytime i see it in a bookshop haha. i think theyre hilarious. theyre so true!

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