Blog Twenty-Eight

Found this recently: lamebook It’s basically a bunch of rather questionable pictures or statuses from Facebook. They’re mostly funny or ridiculous.

Joined Dailybooth in case you hadn’t noticed. Someone posted with “You don’t understand how much i screwd up :'(” and someone replied with “you even screwed up spelling screwed. wow.” haha.

I need a haircut. My fringe goes past my eyes. It tickles my nose! Genuinely felt that if my hair was black I would be channeling the spirit of Joey Ramone. Speaking of which, should I dye my hair? (Thats a yes). What colour? I’m edging towards pink. Don’t know why haha. I prob have to wait till after the exams though cos Miss McMullan seems to take a massive shit over these things even though I only have to go in 4 more times.

My mum just said “playbox” WTF?! Is this some wierd hybrid of a Playstation and an Xbox?! Seriously, she must be ill or something.

  1. Haha XD You only found lamebook now? I <3 it. Check out failbook as well. It's the same idea, just on the cheezburger network (you know, along with failblog?)

    I have no idea what dailybooth is though XDD so, we're even i guess haha

    I just bought new hair dye myself. Because i do not want pink/orange hair (…copper?)
    Do dye your hair!! PINK <3 hahahaha miss mcmullen would <3 that XDD

    Awk, playbox… that's awesome =] I'd love one of those! It's a bit like myface (mrs shearer?) XD hahaha

    • well i had seen pictures and stuff but i never went ono the actual site even though its at the bottom of every pic till now. I never really go on failblog either. im subscribed on youtube so i watch the videos but i hardly ever look at the pics and stuff.

      MyFace is the best =]…both ways that can be taken haha

      what colour is your hair dye? should i actually go pink? bring pink ( ) or light pink( ) i actually really like the light (although i love both) and yes those are both the same person.

      i guess i can wait three more weeks haha. wonder if i can do it on the friday before the tea party <3

    • p.s. or i could go blue. or maybe just keep that for after. this too far? huh

      p.p.s. have you see this? the link to the actual vis is at the bottom but i thought you would appreciate the wiki page

  2. If you’re going to do it yourself, trust me, it won’t work. a. You’ll never find the dye b. if you do, it will NOT turn out like that.

    SOOOOOOOOOO if you’re going professionally…

    YOU ARE SO getting pink with blue!! SO MUCH. You have no choice in the matter, dearie.

    Well, if you’re not doing that, i would go for that all-over shade of blue. If you definitely want pink, you need to work out which shade would suit your skin tone best and if it goes with your clothes.
    I think the light pink is better, since it’s more likely to with your clothes, as it’s just ever so slightly more neutral… that, and I think that shade is the only really pretty shade of pink.
    Imagine that with dark make-up and eyeliner and stuff (…like in the pic. Just realised that.) … <3

    • Whoa, I so be much loving that short film… seriously?? It’s actually going to be made into a bi fat film?! Whoaaaaa… that guy’s going to get rich

      • i want paler pink. like candyfloss pink kinda. if i could find manic panic it should work and then maybe i could take it to the hairdressers seeing as i doubt they have pink etc.

        i did wonder about clothes. the majority of my clothes are jeans and t shirts which are fine haha. what about my ramones leggings though?

        i kinda want to see what my hair looks like pink first and then when it needs doen again add the blue?

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