Blog Twenty-Nine

Seriously bored as hell. Not just now but like all the time. I don’t know enough people or the people I want to spend time with are too busy/live too far away/don’t want to go out. It’s sucky. Honestly, why can’t all the people who look at me say “Hi”? Really. That would make me so much happier. Or why can’t the cool people who I get along with or the people who chat me up on Chatroulette/Omegle Video (the non perverted ones – yes such a thing exists) live closer/want to talk after our one conversation? Half the time they take my email address which, to me, makes me think that they’ll email me first because they actually ask for it but then I never get an e-mail and I never know what to say to them. The one guy who did add me on Facebook and seemed genuinely cool asked for my Facebook or whatever, then blocked me when I hadn’t done anything! GAH! People always talk about how they have friends online that they can’t wait to meet but I really have none. Study Leave is generally amazing cos it means no school buts it’s also overly lonely. just means a longer summer and summer usually means sitting in the same room for two months. This just makes it three. I’m hoping that moving school will help but it could swing the other way and make me feel even more lonely if I lose anyone. I honestly don’t mind being on my own. At all. But it’s nice to spend time with people too. It’s only worthwhile spending time with yourself if it’s in comparison to spending time with other people.

Okay, vent over. Wouldn’t it be cool to travel wherever you wanted to? Honestly, this is my new plan (There happen every few weeks. Tascha gets a really long YouTube message/Facebook message/e-mail and replies back with all the flaws XD). I mean, the only thing that would be a problem would be money. I mean, once I’m 18 I get the bank account my parents have for me which has like £10,000 in it. Say, I got a job for however long I can (if I can ever find one) and then I could go next September when everyone is going to uni XD. To be honest, for the plan to work the best, I would need a car…and a companion but whatever. Then I could get a boat to England and then drive to mainland Europe and visit so many places. Spend a month or two in each and get a job (even if it’s a shitty one) and then leave again to go somewhere new. Obviously this would work brilliantly well after working at Disneyland Paris as I’d probably meet people from different places then who would hopefully be willing to let me crash on their couch for a few days but as probably neither of these things will work out then nevermind. Honestly, imagine just getting up and doing whatever you wanted wherever you wanted. Any input? Nope, just me going mad again. Happy 4am everybody.

  1. I know exaaaaaaaactly what you mean. I was collectin spazmo with anja from holywood, and we went to the beach to kill time. It was the MOST BEAUTIFUL scene ever! There were groups of people of all ages in the park, one group having a bon fire and just generally hanging out, in front of this GORGEOUS sun set at the beach… gah, i got so jealous (and started ranting at anja XDD awk poor her) … we all should hang out like that…!
    But no one would go with us (assuming you come with me) and even then, it’d only be like… a really tiny group… either that, or a ton of people we hardly talk to =[ We need more friends. In the male category too XDD

    And I only have one internet friend…? That I havent spoken to in a year… (until yesterday…)

    Anyway, I just made our summer to do list. (Since im actually in the country, i do not intend on staying alone the whole time…!)
    1. Make new friends.
    1b. Males included (cant talk about video games and awesome stuff with a bunch of make up obsessed girlies XDD haha)
    2. Get a group together to hang out at the beach
    3. Harry Potter Marathon & audio book
    4. Dooblin…?

    Add more!!
    (btw, I hate study leave. it should be called “pretend you study while you surf the interwebs pointlessly” leave. I like not being in school, though)

    • agreed with that. i would so much rather go out for like an hour and meet people than sit at home. i always see groups of people (both genders included) and i wish we could hang out like that. but i dunno where youre suppose to meet people. like all those people in front of the city hall all know each other but do they all know each other from there? you need to know like one person to get introduced to them all. i would love for us to go to the beach one day T.T What also really sucks is so many people our age smoke and drink and stuff and although its their choice and dont particularly want to be in with that croud either.

      completely agreed with the to do list. You didn’t mention the tea party! umm…i declare random photo shoots! haha.

      dont know about dublin (although i’d love to but we’d have to ask the others) but i may have a cheaper alternative. portstewart. i mean its probably not as interesting but we dont have to pay for accomodation then and i know my way around. we can go to portrush, coleraine and everywhere and hang out at the beach as much as we want. havent asked my parents or anything so dont get your hopes up but i think it would be fun. we can watch old films we should have seen haha.

      i found a guy on dailybooth from northern ireland who i tried to strike up an allegiance with but that didn’t work XD

      agreed about getting male friends too. girls talk about boring nonsense half the time (no offence) but you know what i mean.

      i prefer study leave to school but it only gets fun if you make it so. because we all have different exams it means we cant really go out cos some of us have weeks between exams and some people have one soon so some have to revise etc. its smelly. i wish we had an arcade in belfast. i’d be there all the time.

      • OMG I <3 PORTSTEWART/PORTRUSH! hahaha I always get the two confused. Love em both anyway…! We haaaaave to go thar :3 oh oh oh and coleraine <3

        I'm going to q con with asta, so i'm hoping i'll make friends there. I have the annoying tendancy to get really really quiet, though, so i hope that doesnt happen. Since going to conventions is more fun with more people, would you consider going? £10 for the 3 days, i think.
        take a look at what's going on and do consider it =] its not all anime (obv. I think its advertised as a gaming con)… they'll even air the dr who finale live :3

        HAHA an allegiance XD awk, thats hilarious

        Northern Ireland kinda sucks in general. There's really not a lot to do…
        and i rant constantly at anja (i really do pity her for that XD) at how people manage to know so many others?! Aside from joining sports clubs (and believe me, i tried that) and youth clubs (filled with chavs) there's not a lot… i think going to a girl's school is partly to blame (I always say this XD) =[

        • portrush is the one with barrys and amusements and things. ive always thought of it as our pathetic imitation of blackpool haha.

          yes we shall go to coleraine and the beach and portrush and i have all the fawlty towers videos there so we can watch those haha. we could try and clear one of the rooms and sleep in it like a massive sleepover (although there wont be that many of us haha) and i could take my tent and we could have a camp out (WITH SMORES!). we could also play pool a lot and go to the park haha. and yeah go to barrys and the beach and shops etc etc.

          i would consider going but id feel so out of place! dont you cosplay and stuff? i like games and stuff but i dont think i know enough about them haha. wouldnt people try and talk to me about them?! haha

          yeah i know. the people i would want to get to know dont seem to go to any clubs. maybe i’ll just stand at the city hall with a lighter cos peole always ask me if i have one there and then maybe they’ll accept me haha.

          • Not that many people cosplay. Out ouf everyone, I’d say probably 10 or 20% cosplay. And I’m not going dressed everyday myself either.
            Well, people talking to you is kind of the point, and if you admit you dont know the game (like i will, most of the time) it’ll give you the chance of having it explained. Hence, you may find a new game you like AND a new friend! WIN WIN!
            Honestly, it’s not as awkward as you made it sound XD and last time i actually just sat at the seats in the entrance area and listened to some cool people talk. It was very interesting :3 (i didnt really join in, because i was having a quiet moment, and asta was off talking to gareth… i was such a loner =[ it’s definitely more fun with more people. i missed out on making new friends because i was on my own =[ )
            So please consider it – it’s honestly not that bad =]

            WHOA we are SO doing everything you mentioned there!!
            I’ll bring dvds with me =] I also have fawlty towers, but since you have that, i dont need to bring it.
            stuff i could bring:
            – Star Trek original series (with captain kirk :3)
            – X-files
            – Dad’s army
            – A few random movies everyone should have seen
            – Star wars! but they’re on video, if that’s ok…?

            I could take my xbox with me, it just depends when we go (cos if my brother’s home, he may object) and we can play halo =D HAHAHAHA fun times

            I’m going to list all the stuff we’re going to do (aka the stuff you mentioned) just to organise it. How long should our excursion be and any idea of when? (If we have everything planned, our parents will be more likely to say yes as well)

            Haha, awk =] I’m imagining you on the corner of the street, soaking wet from the pouring rain, holding a lighter up, askin “be my friend?” to every passer-by XDD

            • well then yeah i’ll think about going. it just sounds like sitting around talking to randomers for a weekend XD. shall i just bring my gameboy? WE CAN TRADE POKEMON! i shall cosplay as lady gaga! XD haha

              video is fine. i think all if not most of our films up there are on video cos theyre ones we wouldnt use as much but we do have a dvd player (obviously haha). we could also play monopoly haha and/or cluedo! haha or the harry potter version of cluedo i have where no one dies! we could do a harry potter movie marathon then! as preparation for the 7th one or something haha. BUT we MUST go out every day cos we are not doing things we can do at home. dvds and things can just be for the evening. i declare that we go to the beach some evernings too. imagine how nice it would be at sunset!

              haha i think we both know i suck at halo!

              umm i dont know about length. would a week be too long? umm around then end of july/start of august? we also need to see about food. i think we should all put in a certain amount of money or donate some food like bread and milk or whatever cos we will all be using those and its probably cheaper to eat in than eat out all week but i am not cooking for all of you!

              yeah, i may as well get a “free hugs” sign =[

              • Please do! I BEG OF YOU!! *begs*
                Nah, it’s not all sitting around XD Look at the program on the site :3
                I will SO bring my gameboy! But i dont want to bring yellow… i’m still not over the fact i killed my mewtwo (that i caught with only a pokeball D’x) while trying to clone it.
                IT’S NOT DEAD NOT DEAD NOOOOOOT DEEEEAAAAAD (yes, i’m in denial)
                but i’ll bring silver with me :3 You have gold or silver, right?? Better have. Or i’ll be forced to bring yellow.
                WE’RE GOING TO LOOK SO COOL <3
                oh, should i bring my gba or gbc? Meh, or both. I'm also taking my ds. i'm so cool.
                My copy of silver is actually in german, but meh, as long as i can read it, we're all cool. I do have my brother's enlish gold… but that's his and less cool.
                Haha, i just powered it up. Oh i love the days of having no backlight XDD This game rocks. It gave me my love for chikorita! (or endvie, in german :3 )
                Haha you can't run, but he walks pretty fast tbh. Faster than the standard walk nowadays.
                I don't even want to revise now XDD


                That's ok then, I can bring as many videos as i like =]
                Hmm… I'm going to be in germany the last two days of july, and the first two in august. So could we make it shortly after that then?
                Also I asked my mum, and she was all "Ok, sure!" No convincing needed XDD
                HAHA no one dies in the HP version…? Awk, how disappointing. I wanted to kill off Ron so Hermione/Harry would happen! WHICH IT TOTALLY DOES
                GAH i was suggest monopoly there. Or how about go for broke?? Which is a bit like monopoly, only the idea is, you have to waste as much money as you possibly can, and whoever's broke first wins! =D
                Yes <33 The beach at sunset! OOOOOOH so excited!! And of course we have to go out every day! Be no point otherwise, right?? =D
                Man, the summer just got VERY interesting =D

                You need a "free hugs – plus a lighter!" sign, but the sounds of it… =[

                • do you know how long tickets are going to be on sale for? like will they be sold out soon? cos i need to pay for lady gaga first although q-con is pretty cheap anyways but i’ll feel bad for asking my mum for loads of money haha.

                  no…i only have pokemon yellow! and my brother has red i think. i need to start a new game though. haha i know! the joys of no backlight! i had one of those rubbish lights that you could plug in but it always used up all the battery really quickly!

                  yeah you have to figure out who performed what spell on who and where instead of who killed the guy where and with what.

                  umm yeah okay start of august but not very start haha. we need to do stuff right up to that though.

                  i also have payday if were suggesting board games haha.

                  what i meant about going out every day is that there no point taking loads of board games or whatever cos we wont have much time to play them. we can just watch mary poppins (which i have up there) and discuss why that shot of her feet is strange. i also have petes dragon which no one seems to have seen haha. and spiderman i think.

                  i think i just need a “can we be friends?” sign haha

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