Epic Mickey Actually Looks Epic.

Epic Mickey is a forthcoming Wii game about Mickey Mouse. They’re rebranding Mickey to show his dark side. Well, his mischievous side and seeing as we’ve never really seen Mickey being anything other than downright lovely, this is gonna be wierd. It’s a good one for massive Disney fans as we get to see Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who now lives in the Cartoon Wasteland for cartoon characters who are forgotten about and he is jealous of Mickey which makes me sad.

If you don’t know who Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is, I shall be lovely and tell you. Oswald was the original Mickey Mouse in a sense. Way back in 1923, Walt and Roy Disney put their money together to set up their first cartoon studio in Hollywood. They made some shorts called the Alice Comedies about Alice from Alice in Wonderland who apparently got into all sorts of danger and whatnot. They finished in 1927 and then Walt created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to be distributed by Universal. They rejected the first episode but then Walt fixed him up and Universal launched the entire series. As the cartoon was so popular, Walt asked for an increased budget but the producer at Universal instead demanded that Walt got a 20% budget cut and reminded him that he now owned the character and that most of Disney’s employees were now signed to his contract. Some remained loyal to Walt and Roy though and whilst creating the second series they decided to make their own cartoon with a slightly changed version of Oswald – Mickey Mouse. Universal continued to make Oswald cartoons rather unsuccessfully as the Mickey cartoons were now the competition and eventually they contacted Walt who gave his blessing for them to continue making them because his were so popular and 78 years later in 2006 Disney acquired the rights for Oswald again so now they’re puting his in this game. Okay, history lesson over.

So now it appears that Oswald is jealous of Mickey’s success. I’m not surprised to be honest. I would be too. There is also mention of Yen Sid who is the sorcerer from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment in Fantasia. It looks rather complicated but he seems to have made the wasteland for his forgotten creations and then Mickey spills stuff on it and wrecks it, making all of the residents including Oswald to fight and lose in a battle and makes the world much darker (which is the fun part). The Mad Doctor and Phantom Blot are the villans as far as I know and they are also both from the older cartoons so it seems that no new characters are introduced.

The game seems to be pretty steampunky which looks good. The fact that it’s only going to be on Wii sucks even though I have a Wii. Apparently Mickey is to be given a more “retro” look though which I like the sound of because I preferred him when he more cartoony than when he got all 3D and I guess with Oswald being there they need to look alike.

I am usually not as open about rebranding for original characters but I think this is a good idea because its original characters that we hardly see anymore and with Oswald, it brings in some history. And with the whole steampunky element it changes everything. I’m actually surprised Disney even allowed this but I do think it is much-needed as Mickey only seems to be on straight-to-DVD episodes for kids now and he obviously deserves more seeing as he’s pretty much the King of Disneyland.

I’ve put the concept art when you clicky on the linky =]


I couldn’t get this image any bigger so go look for it online.  Most of the characters seem to be black and white which means they’re hardly changing them (unless they run into paint and turn into colour or something). Most of these characters look like Clarabelle Cow too so I’m a bit confused about who else is actually there.

I bet at some point you have to climb up there…or go in there or something.

So is Goofy a “forgotten character”? Poo. They need to fix the Disney Channel. Goofy > Miley Cyrus. By far.  I mean, I get kids/teenagers being on the Disney Channel but they should not become a celebrity though it. After it, sure. Like the way that Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling and Keri Russell were all on the Mickey Mouse Club.

This is obviously Epcot/Walt Disney Studios. Don’t know what the point in this is. To show how broken Disney is and that it will never be returned to its former glory? I don’t know why they’d put that in their own game…

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