It’s My Half Birthday

I think I’m the only person who actually pays attention to this. I know that most people think that its really cool and then forget and miss it but I always remember. Not necessarily the day before or anything but just when I see the date on the 3rd August I know that its my half birthday.

Apologies for neglecting this blog btw. It’s 2:36 am and I really meant to make this a longer post but I’m tired and I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift for a ridiculous length of time now (LIKE TEN WHOLE MINUTES OMGNOWAI!)

I also should have done a blog every day in August but its the 3rd now and being Summer and all there isn’t much to talk about even though the reason I haven’t blogged is cos I’ve been busy. I’ll try and do a blog every day in September as I imagine/hope I will have a lot more to talk about then as I will be socialising with other humans then and not sending e-mails from the darkness of my room.

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