I’m Not Allowed To Tweet D=

Apparently I have reached the “status update limit” and I have to wait a few hours. Originally I thought it meant altogether seeing as it stopped on a really round number (8140) but I think it’s the hourly one seeing as I did tweet a lot due to Eurovision and more than one person I know being online at once and I know that there are people who have more tweets than me! In case you didn’t know, there is a daily and hourly allowance of status updates on Twitter. I think it’s so that Twitter doesn’t get over capacity all the time if every tweets loads and loads although Twitter still does get over capacity loads so sorry if it did for you tonight! That was probably me. This is the first time this has happened for me though. It’s bizarro.

Also, while we’re on the subject, we lost Eurovision big time. Honestly, LAST?! Why don’t they actually get people who we already know are good singers? They should have got Susan Boyle seeing as she was famous worldwide on YouTube from her Britain’s Got Talent thing. Or Rick Astley. Everyone loves him. To be honest, with people like Elton John and so on, the UK should have someone representing us who we want to represent us! They really should just pick someone from the charts cos it would do a lot better. And also, a year too late, I like Germany’s song from last year. Dita Von Teese was in it (still don’t get why) who I love and it really should have done better. Love Graham Norton’s commentary and he made it so much funnier than it would have been (although Sir Terry Wogan is a legend). Might comment on Germany’s song next year if you’re lucky.

EDIT:: I am allowed to tweet now =]


Blog Twenty-One

Meant to post this yesterday but then I didn’t for some reason.

Actually had the best day ever yesterday. Woke up at like quarter to eleven as my mother came into my room to ask me if I wanted to go to lunch with her and my aunt (who is the funnest person ever btw) and my grandmother and my mum said she would come back at eleven to see what my answer was (I really was debating staying in bed) but she actually didn’t come back till twenty past and had annoyed the hell out of me by hoovering. We were meant to be there at half past and I would have been ready if I had actually gotten up at twenty past but I didn’t and then somehow the cat ran upstairs and my mother said she had come up to get me to get up haha. So yeah, eventually I did get up and dressed and I think we were there at like quarter to or something. Went past Tascha on the way although she didn’t see me (sad face) and then eventually got to my nanny’s house. My brother met us there at twelve (he brought flowers for her, bless him) and then he left cos he had to go to work and we went to The Old Mill for lunch. I had soup which was mega nice and other people had other things I won’t tell you about cos its boring (much like this blog). Went downstairs, got a scarf, took some pictures and went to Zamba Shoes in Kings Square and me and my aunt looked at every pair. There are some really nice ones but they’re all too dear unfortunately. Went home, no sign of the cat so we just all sat and talked for ages, then my sister came home, and we just sat and talked for ages while our new conservatory door was being fitted. Eventually the cat came back (she had been away all day) and she sat on my knee and purred for ages. Then we had some dinner (couscous on everything for me) and my father, aunt and granny decided to have a conversation about Afghanistan and future wars we may have (now I’m scared of Korea) and then they went home and I think I went online or something and it was way later than I thought. I then watched the end of A Fish Called Wanda (which isn’t really that funny although its good) and Airplane! which also happens to be Tascha’s favourite movie (she hates it) and everyone has seen except me. Also didn’t find it that funny but it was alright.

Today, we went into school, had lunch etc. Nothing overly exciting happened. I am wearing my really attractive Ramones leggings though which is probably ill-advised as it is rather hot today but I’m actually really cold now. Went out to see the cat (called Maisy now although Maisy was a mouse as I keep pointing out) and the Molly (who is also a cat) from across the street appeared and Maisy started hissing and spitting at her so I had to make her stop haha. I also thought she was drooling but she just had some jelly from her food on her mouth.

Sorry, this was boring but I thought I’d put it here anyways. If you read it all, I win!

Cat Update

My mother phoned the vets this morning who said that they didn’t have a cat like this one on the list of lost pets but we should phone other vets in the area because they all have lists. All of the vets in the area were phoned and there was only one similar one but it turned out that the cat had gone back home so it wasn’t that one. Then the Cats Protection League were phoned who said that she could be put down (WTF? What a way to protect cats – kill them. Idiots.), check her into Assisi Animal Shelter or keep her. So I think we are going to keep her. She’s actually so tame. She keeps coming into the kitchen and just meowing and then we’re like …what? and she just leaves haha. It turns out my sister wants to call her Blossom…uh no. My mother suggested Lady GaGa haha and then I said Beyonce? And then my mum said that was a good name haha. She keeps asking me about Disney cats and she said we can’t call her Lucifer. She said she likes the name Molly for cats but theres already a cat called Molly who lives across th street. She said Poppy which is quite nice. Anyway, we gave the cat some you know, cat food and then she went and sunbathed (after walking round our house) and just rolled around in the grass. It was quite sweet. She’s a tortoiseshell and looks like a small tiger. So yeah, I think thats all I have to say about her.

Blog Nineteen

Newsy poos

1. My aunt is coming over tomorrow. The one who was meant to come ages ago but couldn’t because of the ash cloud. I don’t know if she’s bringing anyone with her (i.e. my uncle and cousin) but no ones mentioned them so I guess not. She’s coming over because my nanny has to have a heart operation which is really the bigger news. Apparently it’s not without risk and basically either way, she’s not doing that well. This is also why we haven’t booked our holiday yet this year apparently which is quite worrying because that either means my mother thinks she’s going to die or that we’ll need to be here for some reason…

2. (slight upnote) We might be getting a cat. There’s one that has been hanging round our house for a while. It sits at the front door, then it moves to the backdoor. It actually just sits there for ages. My sister really wants it. She’s actually obsessed. She’s also convinced herself its a girl too. Got in today and my mother had bought cat food. It’s strange because it’s not really a small cat either. I mean, it’s not fully grown but it’s wierd that it just came out of nowhere and seems to be alright and it’s used to people. I think it either actually belongs to someone or was abandoned but I think my mum’s gonna take it to the vet tomorrow and get it scanned to see if anyone owns it and to generally make sure its okay. I also don’t think I’m going to be able to get in there on names either. Apparently Garfield for a ginger cat is unoriginal and if it does turn out to be a girl I’ve got nothing unless I name it after Amy Pond although it doesn’t look like an Amy or an Amelia. Huh. None of the cats in Disney films have good names either. Lucifer? Really? I don’t even know how we’re allowed it. Neither my brother nor my dad are big cat fans. Although neither am I to be honest so I don’t know how this is going to happen at all. Then again I guess its cos the cat literally showed up on our doorstep.

So, yeah thats my news. Don’t think I have anything else to report. Oh, Gemma Hill, the drummer from Robots in Disguise and Danimal Kingdom tweeted at me earlier. Well, I tweeted at her first…what do you mean you don’t know who she is? Kuh.

“Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what’s to come.”

Does anyone else think that its easier to choose everyone else’s future than your own? Honestly, if me and my friends got together, I think we could choose the fate of everyone in our year. I don’t know what people would say about me. I’m not particularly good at anything (not that I try) and I really am not warming to any job I think of (with the exception of being in Pepsi ads and owning Disney, and even they lose their appeal after a while). Theres loads of stuff I like the thought of but not for my entire life. I think I’ll end up living like a cartoon. You know the ones where what they do in one episode isn’t continued to the next? One week they’re working in the circus and the next, they’re a really successful movie star (see Betty Boop for details)? I think I decided this a while ago. I will be a mixture of a cartoon and a Barbie doll. Great. I think the fact is that when you watch a movie and you see them with a really cool job and then you kind of think “Huh. I could do that.” I know kids only really do this. They watch a movie and then pretend to be the person for about 3 weeks and then see another film and move on to that. That’s what I do except I shove it into the predicted timeline of my life (for such a thing exists, you know)  hope that everything plays out accordingly. So far it includes working at the Disney Parks (hopefully all 5 but I’d probably settle for one or the Cruise Line), being an Air Hostess (inspired from the Busted song, the Virgin Atlantic adverts, View from the Top, Catch Me If You Can and that Britney video cos I like her hat), being a stand up comedienne with Tascha as my manager (inside joke. many people inspired this but I don’t want to do this any more), being a journalist (dunno where this came from but after watching Scream and Get a Clue I don’t want to be as nosy as them) although I suppose I could just not write articles about people but about stuff that matters (although in the case of Scream the fact that people were getting murdered is pretty important and she was a TV journalist anyway), writing comedy (probably a sitcom or two and some films but I think I’d want to be in them which might wreck them), being in a band (both a proper one and a wizard rock band, also inspired by a bunch of people including Marty McFly who is ace on guitar), write some books under a pen name and then say that its me on my death-bed (although I have no intentions on dying), opening a 50’s diner (vegan obv), opening an old-fashioned sweet shop (vegan) and probably every time of every restaurant ever but in vegan format. I think I just want to revolutionise food…and cinema and TV. I’d also quite like a chat show. A proper one though. With games and items and stuff. I’d prank people and not just interview celebrities cos that looks boring. I would also like to own Disney but I don’t think I could handle it. The company is SO different to how it was when Walt was in control. Now there are so many different people in charge of different things. I mean, they do have  President and CEO and everything but they also have different people in charge of merchandise and parks and resorts and then there is Walt Disney Studios which is i charge of some of the films etc etc.

After all this, I’m not quite sure where this leaves me. Basically I really like movies but probably can’t act and even if I could I’d want to write them too. Kuh. Anyone fancy dictating my future for me? Maybe I’ll just become a yes (wo)man for a while and see where I go from there although with all the e-mails UCAS are currently sending me, this may result in a career in medicine which I don’t want. Can’t I just go to Neverland or live in Hogwarts forever or something?

Blog Fifteen.

What I actually did do today:

1. Did do lots of ICT revision which is good….woohoo.

2. Did go round to King’s Square, bought stamps and posted the envelope (there was stuff in it too).

3. Also got a Subway while I was there so I didn’t have to bother making dinner which was pretty lazy but nevermind.

4. Blogged…a lot.

5. Went on Facebook, talked to Amanda. Thought I had pissed her off but apparently not haha. Also played that Shivering Kittens game which is almost Tetris but more difficult.

6. Messed around trying to fix up blog for ages. Added all the wee side blobs there ->. Obviously haven’t finished the about me one and I need to figure out (or someone tell me) how to put text under the calendar? Or do you need to add another text box?

7. Started tagging loads of posts but they take ages and I’m lazy so I’ll have to finish all this tomorrow i.e. later because I need to sleep now.

Ode To The Mario Man

Ah, the speed of the race
As I finish the chase
And end up in first place wahey
Oh, the speed of the race
And the look on your face
Is all that I care today

So grab your remote
And cast down your coat
Cos right now were gonna play
We’ll spin and we’ll swerve
Right a-round the curve
In Mario Kart today

Theres A to excel
And B to propel
Yourself backwards if that is the way
But trust me, I know –
You’re going too slow
Use the shell and you’ll be away

There’s Toad and then Bowser
And your internet browser
To learn all the tricks of the trade
But train with your mate
To reseal your fate
And you’ll get to that very first place!

Notes: I wrote this a very long time ago…well a few months actually but thats long enough. I wrote it in like two minutes cos I was bored one night (I often write poetry or songs at night and this is one of the very few you’ll ever see). Obviously its kind of inspired from the Quidditch one in Quidditch Through the Ages (Oh, the thrill of the chase as I soar through the air…) for no reason other that I thought of it right before I wrote it. I sent it to Tascha who said I was a “literary genius” and that she “loved the poam!” so you’re all lucky and get to read it cos its a silly one.  I also remembered I meant to write her a Halo one ages ago but i forgot and I don’t know enough about Halo except that if you play it with Tascha and she kills you, she will continue to shoot you after you die…ON THE BUM.