The fact that this guy can see that he is talking to a Pokemon which may or may not be made of cardboard and is still not backing down is quite creepy. It’s actually quite a good costume considering. Why do I never meet the interesting people on Chatroulette or Omegle Video?Catroulette…What else can be said?

I remember none of this conversation. I don’t think the rabbit actually did anything. I assume it’s just because the person didn’t want to have the camera on their face but you can’t get on Chatroulette without one.

I loved this duck. He told me his hair was like Jedward’s. He danced and everything. Don’t remember much more unfortunately. Sorry I look so scary.

I suppose I have had my fair share of wierdos on Omegle actually…that damn Ramirez! Or I’ve been a wierdo myself saying things like “There’s a ghost in my room o.O” and either having long conversations about ghosts or them disconnecting thinking I was mental and “HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY!” until the other person says its their birthday…I bet it isn’t. Either you get wierdos, boring people or perverts…it’s stinky.

And yes, I did steal the original image and the title (kinda) from Gearfuse and i’m not even sorry for it.


A Day Wasted

Really didn’t mean to waste today…but I did. Got up at about 12ish to my brother making rreally annoying noises in his room which turned out to be Band Hero which must have got delivered today. Glad he got that over Rock Band=]. Made some food. Went online. Checked Twitter and the blog and then spent ages looking at We Heart It. Felt a bit nostalgic looking at pictures of gameboys and video tapes so I spent ages writing my last post which took so long because its a really long post (!) and I had to put all the pictures in it. Went downstairs to look at out videos because I randomly remembered some I used to have. Quite a few Disney ones have been given away including The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Peter and the Wolf and I don’t know what else. Did find a video of nursery rhymes though and if its the one I thik it is, its very creepy haha. Eventually when my mother came home from work I opened my schoolbag which has been on my floor since Froday and found that one of the Pepsi cans in it had dripped onto my ICT past paper questions. I had finished the can but nevermind. Wish I could do that to all of my papers. Made it kinda sticky though. My mother didn;t come up to my room so I haven’t done anything. Thing is that I can actually work better at night so chances are that I will get through quite a lot later. I have to go into school tomorrow for an extra history revision class so I guess that’ll come in handy. She bought me loads of food =]. Now i have a bunch of vegan choclate bars and packets of buttons (even white ones!) on my bed. And Fig Rolls of course. Accidentally ate half the packet so I have to be careful. Haven’t even watched a movie today! Gosh, what a waste.

Cars I Always Wanted

Whenever I was younger I always wanted loads of cars. My dad had a Volkswagen Beetle and my brother and I had VW hats (sad I know) and we would go to car shows and go around looking at all the beetles. My dad eventually sold that car and broke my heart…not really. I was about 6 and I probably had no clue. Then he got a VW Hatchback. I still don’t really know what this is. I just know he told us he had bought a purple car and then upset me when he brough a blue one home (he’s colour blind). Still had to go to loads of car shows.

The mixture of this and the fact that I am obsessed with films and cartoons just makes me want loads of cars which are replicas of ones in films/cartoons which I kinda always wanted. I want a beetle but not the icky new ones. I want one like Herbie. We saw one at those car shows. Actually we saw a few. It seems that more than one person has had this idea. Also after Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets came out I seemed to notice a lot of Ford Anglias. Doubt that this was anything to do with the film, but more to do with the fact that it meant that I now recognised them as Ford Anglias and my dad kept saying “There’s Harry Potter’s car!” and annoying me because it was Mr Weasley’s and I already knew that and probably spotted it a mile away. At one of the car shows they had actually put a Ford Anglia in a tree. It was amazing. I hope I can find the picture of it. I never knew where it went. My dad said he would put it in a frame but I don’t think he ever did. The Herbie one at those car shows would have been perfect if they hadn’t put paint splodges all over it. I don’t know why they did. It’s like those flower stickers you see that people have on their cars. Whoever owned Herbie had put very fake looking paint splodge stickers on him! If you’re going to get a replica you shouldn’t do that…ever.

I think I really want Herbie because I secretly think he’ll be like the actual Herbie and be able to think and move of his own accord haha. I also hope that people haven’t seen Herbie: Fully Loaded and not the originals. That’s like seeing the Scooby Doo movies and never seeing the cartoon…which brings me to my next point.

The Mystery Machine =]. Honestly, who wouldn’t want this?

Don’t have a lot to say about it. I’ve never seen one in real life. It mixes the fact that I want a car from a film/TV show but I also want a camper van. I think camper vans are cute. They also remind me of road trips in old movies.  Two things which I love. Also part of the reason why I’d like a camper van. To go on a road trip which we should do. Me and Tina said that we were going to get a pick-up truck and drive the whole way across America. The pick-up truck was her idea but kind of sucks cos it means we can’t take everyone or they’d have to go in a different car which would be pointless because the whole point in a road trip is to spend time with each other…on the road. I’d like to point out that the films I am thinking of where they go on road trips are not the ones where they get killed in the end although there are a lot of those too. I do think that if you had one though and you weren’t going on a road trip or were by yourself in it, you would feel lonely. Especially in the mystery machine. It would just remind me of the Scooby Doo movie when Fred, Daphne and Velma all quit and a year later it just shows Scooby and Shaggy in the van. It’s not right. Shaggy seemed to bring the most to Mystery Inc. to be honest. It seems he brought the van and the dog and in most episodes he finds the monsters. He is seriously underestimated in that gang.

Three wheeled vans=]. I only wanted one because they had one in Only Fools and Horses, It’s not even that pretty, only sits two people properly and as many in the boot as you can squish. This red ones quite nice though. So close to Postman Pat’s (it is the Royal Mail) but I can’t tell which one way first…or what the point is in only having three wheels. They’re kinda cute but kinda ugly and I kinda want one just cos its retro. If Only Fools and Horses is anything to go by (probably not) they’re not very reliable. There van always broke down but maybe that’s because they had no money to fix it properly or something.

DeLoreans. After seeing back to the future I think everyone wants one. Complete with Flux Capacitor. It isn’t worth getting one without it to be honest. The Doc was right when he said that making a time machine out of a DeLorean was in style. DeLoreans are amazing. I mean, they’re old but they’re a classic car and the doors go UP! How futuristic! Imagine if they made a DeLorean now?! I hope they don’t though. Minis and beetles have already been wrecked. I think I’d spend my life in that car drinking Pepsi and listening to Michael Jackson if I had one. Honestly, if I could live in a movie it would be that one. 80’s + Pepsi + Marty McFly = Epic epic win. Also, if I were Jennifer I wouldn’t get surgery/morph into someone else between the first and second films. And if my dad ever bought me a DeLorean, he had better buy me replicas of Marty’s Nike shoes and hat from BTTF2 to wear while I’m in it! Oh, and a hoverboard!

Whenever I was younger I imagine that I probably wanted Penelope Pitstop’s car from wacky racers. Looking at it now, I think it’s the ugliest car I’ve ever seen. Dick Dastardly’s is alright in comparison but I don’t think I want them anymore! Does the huge anthropomorphic dog come with it? Oh good, I’ll just tie him up in the…oh, there’s no boot? *Throws wierd dog thing overboard*

And last but not least, the Batmobile. Not much to say on it really. There are so many different versions but I like this one. I’d prefer a big dramatic wierd looking thing that a really fast sports car. I think my brother got it in a Happy Meal once so maybe that’s why.

“It’s a very beautiful thing.”

“I think people are born bisexual, and it’s just that our parents and society kind of veer us off into this feeling of  ‘Oh, I can’t.’ They say it’s taboo. It’s ingrained in our heads that it’s bad, when it’s not bad at all. It’s a very beautiful thing.” – Billie Joe Armstrong

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Really only because I randomly remembered this quote. I used to be really…well, not against it but I generally didn’t think it was true. I thought that some people were born gay, some people were born straight and others were born bisexual and that was it. After the documentary that John Barrowmnan did a while ago explaining that people who were gay had extra levels or a certain hormone or whatever (I didn’t pay much attention XD) basically just reaffirmed this – that people were actually just born gay and it was not a choice but they way that they were. Bisexuality is a bit different to me. Note, that this is the way that I see it and may not necessarily be true (try Wikipedia).

At the end of the day, you fall in love with someone’s personality. Just because you find someone attractive, it does not mean you love them, nor are you going to spend the rest of your life with them unless you are extremely vain (but even then your life won’t be fulfilled because you’d probably get bored of them) so, as I just said you fall in love with personalities. The way people think, the hobbies you share, their traits and characteristics etc. Personalities are genderless. I’m coming round to this quote now. I get that people may want someone of the opposite gender if they want kids or whatever but I think that if you opened your mind enough you could fall in love with anyone (or your brain could fall out). Maybe I have too much hope with humanity thinking that everyone could love one another but it’s a nice thought anyway.

Society tells us that its wrong and if you’re religious (I’m not) then the likelihood is that it will be against your beliefs or maybe you just find it gross, religious or not. I think that if you’re in love with them then it’s never gross. It’s only really disgusting if you don’t love them. Then it’s like false love. Making love to someone you don’t love just seems kinda wierd to me but maybe I’m wrong with that. I don’t think having sex with someone the same sex as you is wrong at all as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons, same with straight couples. If you want a typical marriage and a family then I can understand why you’d go for someone the opposite gender than you but I don’t think you should say, “No, I can’t love them. They’re the same gender as me!” and I don’t think I’ll ever understand why/how some people live this way, hating people just for their sexuality – it’s like they just want a reason to fill the world with hatred. It’s so pointless. I get that people want families etc and so would go for people of the opposite gender but they still shouldn’t find same-sex couples offensive or wrong. I’m not saying you have to like everyone either but hating someone for their sexuality is ridiculous.

The fact that people grow up with images of straight couples and happy families around them makes them want that at a young age. At the end of the day, a lot of females want this. End of. They want a family life, probably like the one they grew up in. Not sure why this is, probably to feel needed or something. Like they’re fulfilling their purpose in life by continuing the species. Then again a lot don’t. I really have no desire to have kids. Would adopt if I really felt the need to. I don’t see why more people can’t adopt. At the end of the day what does it matter if you gave birth to them? Surely it means more that you gave a child a loving home and family instead of the one they had before (depending on age). Anyone can have a kid (well, almost) but I think it takes more to adopt one. So it’s not going to have your eyes? WHO CARES?! You gave it a life and a family and that’s all that’s important.

So yeah, my point is that you can fall in love with anyone and just as race, religion, hair colour etc don’t matter, neither does gender. Although I do understand that many people would specifically prefer someone of the opposite gender, some will prefer the same and some will not mind either way. I think that’s its possible for anyone to fall in love with anyone just the same as the fact that someone may prefer someone of a specific height/hair colour/eye color but can fall in love with someone who does not have their preferred height/eye colour/hair colour, the same way as someone might prefer someone male/female but could also fall in love with someone of the opposite gender.

Feel free to give your views below. Apparently the spell check on this does not understand the word “adopt” for some reason o.O and I rather enjoy the full screen mode on this.

A Big Fat Number Two…Eugh

Yesterday was my last day of school (as long as I get in to BMC) and to be honest no one else seemed to notice. It was wierd really, I was going to take my camera and everything but then I decided against it. Don’t know if I was making a big fuss out of nothing but the fact that half of the people won’t see me properly (i.e. for six hours a day) again didn’t seem to bother anyone. Maybe I’m being a massive prima donna and assuming everyone should have made a fuss and cared as much as I did but they didn’t. I just wanted to spend it with all my friends but that didn’t happen and almost everyone left me at lunch to go and sit in the biology room. Did feel quite bad at the end of school though because we have english last thing on Fridays for six periods (2 hours) and both of the teachers were there and we were all just sitting chatting and it was actually really nice. Good way to end it I guess. Then we got chucked out of the room and played that game Bogies from Dick and Dom and just all had to yell bogies really loudly haha. Kinda made me feel guilty for leaving but unfortunately not every day or class is like that. If it were I wouldn’t want to leave…and I do haha.

So…yeah. Sorry for this terribly depressing and probably rather boring post. I’ll post a Disney one soon when I’ve seen 10 more films (one of which I’m watching now). It’ll take me another day or two and I’ll still post in between haha.

Blog Numero Uno

Welcome to my blog! This will mostly be full of my ramblings and musings that I feel I should write about because no one else will listen or I will forget and I never have a pen that works. Sorry, that’s a silly reason XD. It’s true about the pen though. No, this is basically a diary except better cos I can post links and explain properly and it means you’re not sneaking in my room. It’s also useful for people I don’t see often because they can come on here and see how much I hate love them and obviously to see what I’m up to. I generally think that this is a good idea because I usually write stuff like this down but if I have an actual blog I’ll hopefully actually sit and write it although I did like writing while sitting on my windowsill and actually chances are that I’ll forget or just generally get lazy after a while. If you don’t like it you can just close the window or yell at me. I don’t care either way and the likelihood is that I will yell back or if you are annoyed because I have offended you in some way (very likely), I will probably just laugh…at you. It’s funny to think that in a few years I could look back at this and be like LOLWUT?! as it is probably all nonsense. Although if I had a world of my own everything would be nonsense and technically my life is my world so this is what I want to be nonsense. Yes? I don’t know. Enjoy =].