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There are no penguins on the North Pole.

Due to the face that we have to do film studies coursework entailing a storyboard for a film (we have to take pictures as if they’re in the film) I’ve been a bit obsessed with zombies today. I mean, I like zombies, Zombieland is one of my favourite films. I want a tattoo saying “Rule #32” because of it…take that whichever way you want to. Last night I attempted Zombie makeup with whatever I had lying around my room which was a bit of a fail and ended up like this:

Not sure why I did that actually…nor why I didn’t add any of the fake blood I have. It would look alright from a distance but I hate when people attempt zombie makeup and have the face ridiculously white so it just looks like face paint…which it is. You’re supposed to look ill! Inspired from my time watching some youtube videos on how to create zombie wounds etc I went to Craftworld today to see if there was anything that could possibly help considering I have to actually take pictures of people eating brains etc. I got my two types of fake blood there like a year ago so I was thinking I’d be able to find something but to no avail! I was actually hoping for some liquid latex seeing as that seems to be the best. There was only face paint which only works to a certain extent (kids’ Hallowe’en parties…although actually covering your face in scars and stuff for a Hallowe’en party probably isn’t the best idea either) so I’m going to have to find it somewhere else (difficult) or find an alternative (even more difficult).

In other zombie news I now have a zombie tshirt wishlist except not really because I don’t want them enough to actually buy them myself but as far as zombie tshirts go, they’re pretty snazzy.

Source: Amazon.

Rules of Zombieland. I saw ones ages ago with 32 rules or something on it which the makers of the tshirt has guessed. Good but with a possible sequel I wouldn’t buy it…cos it would be wrong.

Source: Cafepress

I’m only including this one because the font looks like it actually does in the film unlike all the other ones which are just orange or something. And this could be incentive to go to the gym. Except I don’t. And zombies would probably be the only reason I would. So maybe I should start. Or something. “When the virus struck, for obvious reasons, the first ones to go were the fatties.”

Source: Amazon

I swear I’m actually not obsessed with Zombieland. I just like these ones! I like this because it looks like you won Zombie Kill of the Week and got a tshirt for it :P And I was just thinking what a good tshirt this would be and then found it :)

Source: Amazon

This happens to be a Shaun of the Dead tshirt with all the weapons they used in the film. But considering I only have the zombie survival guide book on my computer, it would come in handy. Its easier to carry.

Source: Cafepress

I enjoy this. Not entirely sure why. I like the tagline. Could come in handy.

i think that’s enough, don’t you? there’s also an “Alice in Zombieland” book coming out similar to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and all that jazz. Sounds good. My two favourite things combined :) Wish I’d writter it now. And I know its not like the film Zombieland. Its the zombie equivalent of Wonderland. Yupp.

So basically, I need to figure out how to do Zombie makeup and make it look good. For a first attempt that took about 10 minutes without any forward planning, using only what I had in my room I did alright really. Should have used fake blood though. And once I get glue I shall attempt to use papier machΓ©.


Epic Mickey Actually Looks Epic.

Epic Mickey is a forthcoming Wii game about Mickey Mouse. They’re rebranding Mickey to show his dark side. Well, his mischievous side and seeing as we’ve never really seen Mickey being anything other than downright lovely, this is gonna be wierd. It’s a good one for massive Disney fans as we get to see Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who now lives in the Cartoon Wasteland for cartoon characters who are forgotten about and he is jealous of Mickey which makes me sad.

If you don’t know who Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is, I shall be lovely and tell you. Oswald was the original Mickey Mouse in a sense. Way back in 1923, Walt and Roy Disney put their money together to set up their first cartoon studio in Hollywood. They made some shorts called the Alice Comedies about Alice from Alice in Wonderland who apparently got into all sorts of danger and whatnot. They finished in 1927 and then Walt created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to be distributed by Universal. They rejected the first episode but then Walt fixed him up and Universal launched the entire series. As the cartoon was so popular, Walt asked for an increased budget but the producer at Universal instead demanded that Walt got a 20% budget cut and reminded him that he now owned the character and that most of Disney’s employees were now signed to his contract. Some remained loyal to Walt and Roy though and whilst creating the second series they decided to make their own cartoon with a slightly changed version of Oswald – Mickey Mouse. Universal continued to make Oswald cartoons rather unsuccessfully as the Mickey cartoons were now the competition and eventually they contacted Walt who gave his blessing for them to continue making them because his were so popular and 78 years later in 2006 Disney acquired the rights for Oswald again so now they’re puting his in this game. Okay, history lesson over.

So now it appears that Oswald is jealous of Mickey’s success. I’m not surprised to be honest. I would be too. There is also mention of Yen Sid who is the sorcerer from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment in Fantasia. It looks rather complicated but he seems to have made the wasteland for his forgotten creations and then Mickey spills stuff on it and wrecks it, making all of the residents including Oswald to fight and lose in a battle and makes the world much darker (which is the fun part). The Mad Doctor and Phantom Blot are the villans as far as I know and they are also both from the older cartoons so it seems that no new characters are introduced.

The game seems to be pretty steampunky which looks good. The fact that it’s only going to be on Wii sucks even though I have a Wii. Apparently Mickey is to be given a more “retro” look though which I like the sound of because I preferred him when he more cartoony than when he got all 3D and I guess with Oswald being there they need to look alike.

I am usually not as open about rebranding for original characters but I think this is a good idea because its original characters that we hardly see anymore and with Oswald, it brings in some history. And with the whole steampunky element it changes everything. I’m actually surprised Disney even allowed this but I do think it is much-needed as Mickey only seems to be on straight-to-DVD episodes for kids now and he obviously deserves more seeing as he’s pretty much the King of Disneyland.

I’ve put the concept art when you clicky on the linky =]

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