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“Until the very end”

General note: This blog post is a bit of a mess because I’m doing it hurriedly cos I wanted to get it done before midnight but I will fix it and edit it properly soon :D

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out 4 years ago today. At the time this was the biggest thing in the world for me. I waited the majority of my life for that book and read every webpage about Harry Potter I could. I still have a folder of things I had printed out before the release of book 7 (I’ve called it book 7 since the 1st time I read Philosopher’s Stone because it (obviously) didn’t have a title yet and it’s what everyone called it. I still call it that because it reminds me of the hours I spent researching that book and how completely mysterious it was to everyone for years) and I’m still amazed at how close some things were. I knew who R.A.B. was (although I know loads of people did) and I’d vaguely figured out other things like where the locket went as such although actually you couldn’t have figured out anything more than that. Anyway, Harry Potter was pretty much th biggest thing in my life. It was a lot of what I talked about but it goes beyond a mere obsession. To me it seemed like it was the only thing I was “good at”. I didn’t really have any hobbies or any skills except harry potter (Side note: Its dawning on me now that this could seem insanely pathetic but it is 100% true. I am literally not good at anything…not that I’m bad at everything but there’s nothing I have a real knack for) and it had completely filled my life with love and magic constantly. Every time I turned those pages I felt the same happiness/sadness/excitement for what was going on. When I read the last book I felt heartbroken. It’s amazing to read the end and know every thing turns out alright but it saddens me that I can never read the first 4 or 5 books and think I’ve discovered something new because everything was wrapped up perfectly.

Now that the final film has been released we really can put a wrap on the most brilliant series of our generation and I am 100% proud to say that I was part of it. I went to school with Harry, Ron and Hermione and fought Voldemort with them. The books still make me laugh and cry and I cherish the time I spent at Hogwarts.

My main point here is that it isn’t over and will never be over. I’m currently reading the whole series with my friend Tascha which I am so completely excited for. We agree that the earlier books are more fun when the wizarding world isn’t scared for their lives and Harry, Ron and Hermione and creeping around Hogwarts in the dead of night.

I’m also getting a Harry Potter tattoo. No immediate plans (although I want it soon) but I need to decide on what I want or I’ll end up with more than one (although that wouldn’t be bad to be fair). I do love the idea of a dark mark but the “It’s real for us” quote seems more apt (although that’s probably more of a Snape/Lily thing which I was never really into until it was actually in the last book). I’m hoping I’ll find something during this read through.

And now I’m off to watch Philosopher’s Stone. I will be weeping at the end (Honestly the soundtrack – Leaving Hogwarts makes me cry so much. Whoever’s idea it was to put it in Deathly Hallows part 2 deserves the philosopher’s stone).

“Whether you come back by film or by page, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

— J.K. Rowling