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“Until the very end”

General note: This blog post is a bit of a mess because I’m doing it hurriedly cos I wanted to get it done before midnight but I will fix it and edit it properly soon :D

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out 4 years ago today. At the time this was the biggest thing in the world for me. I waited the majority of my life for that book and read every webpage about Harry Potter I could. I still have a folder of things I had printed out before the release of book 7 (I’ve called it book 7 since the 1st time I read Philosopher’s Stone because it (obviously) didn’t have a title yet and it’s what everyone called it. I still call it that because it reminds me of the hours I spent researching that book and how completely mysterious it was to everyone for years) and I’m still amazed at how close some things were. I knew who R.A.B. was (although I know loads of people did) and I’d vaguely figured out other things like where the locket went as such although actually you couldn’t have figured out anything more than that. Anyway, Harry Potter was pretty much th biggest thing in my life. It was a lot of what I talked about but it goes beyond a mere obsession. To me it seemed like it was the only thing I was “good at”. I didn’t really have any hobbies or any skills except harry potter (Side note: Its dawning on me now that this could seem insanely pathetic but it is 100% true. I am literally not good at anything…not that I’m bad at everything but there’s nothing I have a real knack for) and it had completely filled my life with love and magic constantly. Every time I turned those pages I felt the same happiness/sadness/excitement for what was going on. When I read the last book I felt heartbroken. It’s amazing to read the end and know every thing turns out alright but it saddens me that I can never read the first 4 or 5 books and think I’ve discovered something new because everything was wrapped up perfectly.

Now that the final film has been released we really can put a wrap on the most brilliant series of our generation and I am 100% proud to say that I was part of it. I went to school with Harry, Ron and Hermione and fought Voldemort with them. The books still make me laugh and cry and I cherish the time I spent at Hogwarts.

My main point here is that it isn’t over and will never be over. I’m currently reading the whole series with my friend Tascha which I am so completely excited for. We agree that the earlier books are more fun when the wizarding world isn’t scared for their lives and Harry, Ron and Hermione and creeping around Hogwarts in the dead of night.

I’m also getting a Harry Potter tattoo. No immediate plans (although I want it soon) but I need to decide on what I want or I’ll end up with more than one (although that wouldn’t be bad to be fair). I do love the idea of a dark mark but the “It’s real for us” quote seems more apt (although that’s probably more of a Snape/Lily thing which I was never really into until it was actually in the last book). I’m hoping I’ll find something during this read through.

And now I’m off to watch Philosopher’s Stone. I will be weeping at the end (Honestly the soundtrack – Leaving Hogwarts makes me cry so much. Whoever’s idea it was to put it in Deathly Hallows part 2 deserves the philosopher’s stone).

“Whether you come back by film or by page, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

— J.K. Rowling


I Heart Pie Charts

They really make me lol.

My nanny once said “Is that Stephen?”

Then Glee messed it up which is a good thing to make a pie chart of. “Amount of songs I actually like the Glee cover of” 100% none.

So far today this is completely true but there’s nowhere else I need to go anyway.

True. Not that its really difficult to find porn. You just search “sex videos”…not that I would know. Nice that this person has made it the colour of the logo too.

I think I’m green although my mother did once drag me downstairs in the middle of the night to watch a Queen concert.

True. Although the whole ice caps melting thing really needs to be looked at.

These colous are horrible…does this go counter-clockwise?!

“Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what’s to come.”

Does anyone else think that its easier to choose everyone else’s future than your own? Honestly, if me and my friends got together, I think we could choose the fate of everyone in our year. I don’t know what people would say about me. I’m not particularly good at anything (not that I try) and I really am not warming to any job I think of (with the exception of being in Pepsi ads and owning Disney, and even they lose their appeal after a while). Theres loads of stuff I like the thought of but not for my entire life. I think I’ll end up living like a cartoon. You know the ones where what they do in one episode isn’t continued to the next? One week they’re working in the circus and the next, they’re a really successful movie star (see Betty Boop for details)? I think I decided this a while ago. I will be a mixture of a cartoon and a Barbie doll. Great. I think the fact is that when you watch a movie and you see them with a really cool job and then you kind of think “Huh. I could do that.” I know kids only really do this. They watch a movie and then pretend to be the person for about 3 weeks and then see another film and move on to that. That’s what I do except I shove it into the predicted timeline of my life (for such a thing exists, you know)  hope that everything plays out accordingly. So far it includes working at the Disney Parks (hopefully all 5 but I’d probably settle for one or the Cruise Line), being an Air Hostess (inspired from the Busted song, the Virgin Atlantic adverts, View from the Top, Catch Me If You Can and that Britney video cos I like her hat), being a stand up comedienne with Tascha as my manager (inside joke. many people inspired this but I don’t want to do this any more), being a journalist (dunno where this came from but after watching Scream and Get a Clue I don’t want to be as nosy as them) although I suppose I could just not write articles about people but about stuff that matters (although in the case of Scream the fact that people were getting murdered is pretty important and she was a TV journalist anyway), writing comedy (probably a sitcom or two and some films but I think I’d want to be in them which might wreck them), being in a band (both a proper one and a wizard rock band, also inspired by a bunch of people including Marty McFly who is ace on guitar), write some books under a pen name and then say that its me on my death-bed (although I have no intentions on dying), opening a 50’s diner (vegan obv), opening an old-fashioned sweet shop (vegan) and probably every time of every restaurant ever but in vegan format. I think I just want to revolutionise food…and cinema and TV. I’d also quite like a chat show. A proper one though. With games and items and stuff. I’d prank people and not just interview celebrities cos that looks boring. I would also like to own Disney but I don’t think I could handle it. The company is SO different to how it was when Walt was in control. Now there are so many different people in charge of different things. I mean, they do have  President and CEO and everything but they also have different people in charge of merchandise and parks and resorts and then there is Walt Disney Studios which is i charge of some of the films etc etc.

After all this, I’m not quite sure where this leaves me. Basically I really like movies but probably can’t act and even if I could I’d want to write them too. Kuh. Anyone fancy dictating my future for me? Maybe I’ll just become a yes (wo)man for a while and see where I go from there although with all the e-mails UCAS are currently sending me, this may result in a career in medicine which I don’t want. Can’t I just go to Neverland or live in Hogwarts forever or something?

Ode To The Mario Man

Ah, the speed of the race
As I finish the chase
And end up in first place wahey
Oh, the speed of the race
And the look on your face
Is all that I care today

So grab your remote
And cast down your coat
Cos right now were gonna play
We’ll spin and we’ll swerve
Right a-round the curve
In Mario Kart today

Theres A to excel
And B to propel
Yourself backwards if that is the way
But trust me, I know –
You’re going too slow
Use the shell and you’ll be away

There’s Toad and then Bowser
And your internet browser
To learn all the tricks of the trade
But train with your mate
To reseal your fate
And you’ll get to that very first place!

Notes: I wrote this a very long time ago…well a few months actually but thats long enough. I wrote it in like two minutes cos I was bored one night (I often write poetry or songs at night and this is one of the very few you’ll ever see). Obviously its kind of inspired from the Quidditch one in Quidditch Through the Ages (Oh, the thrill of the chase as I soar through the air…) for no reason other that I thought of it right before I wrote it. I sent it to Tascha who said I was a “literary genius” and that she “loved the poam!” so you’re all lucky and get to read it cos its a silly one.  I also remembered I meant to write her a Halo one ages ago but i forgot and I don’t know enough about Halo except that if you play it with Tascha and she kills you, she will continue to shoot you after you die…ON THE BUM.

Cars I Always Wanted

Whenever I was younger I always wanted loads of cars. My dad had a Volkswagen Beetle and my brother and I had VW hats (sad I know) and we would go to car shows and go around looking at all the beetles. My dad eventually sold that car and broke my heart…not really. I was about 6 and I probably had no clue. Then he got a VW Hatchback. I still don’t really know what this is. I just know he told us he had bought a purple car and then upset me when he brough a blue one home (he’s colour blind). Still had to go to loads of car shows.

The mixture of this and the fact that I am obsessed with films and cartoons just makes me want loads of cars which are replicas of ones in films/cartoons which I kinda always wanted. I want a beetle but not the icky new ones. I want one like Herbie. We saw one at those car shows. Actually we saw a few. It seems that more than one person has had this idea. Also after Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets came out I seemed to notice a lot of Ford Anglias. Doubt that this was anything to do with the film, but more to do with the fact that it meant that I now recognised them as Ford Anglias and my dad kept saying “There’s Harry Potter’s car!” and annoying me because it was Mr Weasley’s and I already knew that and probably spotted it a mile away. At one of the car shows they had actually put a Ford Anglia in a tree. It was amazing. I hope I can find the picture of it. I never knew where it went. My dad said he would put it in a frame but I don’t think he ever did. The Herbie one at those car shows would have been perfect if they hadn’t put paint splodges all over it. I don’t know why they did. It’s like those flower stickers you see that people have on their cars. Whoever owned Herbie had put very fake looking paint splodge stickers on him! If you’re going to get a replica you shouldn’t do that…ever.

I think I really want Herbie because I secretly think he’ll be like the actual Herbie and be able to think and move of his own accord haha. I also hope that people haven’t seen Herbie: Fully Loaded and not the originals. That’s like seeing the Scooby Doo movies and never seeing the cartoon…which brings me to my next point.

The Mystery Machine =]. Honestly, who wouldn’t want this?

Don’t have a lot to say about it. I’ve never seen one in real life. It mixes the fact that I want a car from a film/TV show but I also want a camper van. I think camper vans are cute. They also remind me of road trips in old movies.  Two things which I love. Also part of the reason why I’d like a camper van. To go on a road trip which we should do. Me and Tina said that we were going to get a pick-up truck and drive the whole way across America. The pick-up truck was her idea but kind of sucks cos it means we can’t take everyone or they’d have to go in a different car which would be pointless because the whole point in a road trip is to spend time with each other…on the road. I’d like to point out that the films I am thinking of where they go on road trips are not the ones where they get killed in the end although there are a lot of those too. I do think that if you had one though and you weren’t going on a road trip or were by yourself in it, you would feel lonely. Especially in the mystery machine. It would just remind me of the Scooby Doo movie when Fred, Daphne and Velma all quit and a year later it just shows Scooby and Shaggy in the van. It’s not right. Shaggy seemed to bring the most to Mystery Inc. to be honest. It seems he brought the van and the dog and in most episodes he finds the monsters. He is seriously underestimated in that gang.

Three wheeled vans=]. I only wanted one because they had one in Only Fools and Horses, It’s not even that pretty, only sits two people properly and as many in the boot as you can squish. This red ones quite nice though. So close to Postman Pat’s (it is the Royal Mail) but I can’t tell which one way first…or what the point is in only having three wheels. They’re kinda cute but kinda ugly and I kinda want one just cos its retro. If Only Fools and Horses is anything to go by (probably not) they’re not very reliable. There van always broke down but maybe that’s because they had no money to fix it properly or something.

DeLoreans. After seeing back to the future I think everyone wants one. Complete with Flux Capacitor. It isn’t worth getting one without it to be honest. The Doc was right when he said that making a time machine out of a DeLorean was in style. DeLoreans are amazing. I mean, they’re old but they’re a classic car and the doors go UP! How futuristic! Imagine if they made a DeLorean now?! I hope they don’t though. Minis and beetles have already been wrecked. I think I’d spend my life in that car drinking Pepsi and listening to Michael Jackson if I had one. Honestly, if I could live in a movie it would be that one. 80’s + Pepsi + Marty McFly = Epic epic win. Also, if I were Jennifer I wouldn’t get surgery/morph into someone else between the first and second films. And if my dad ever bought me a DeLorean, he had better buy me replicas of Marty’s Nike shoes and hat from BTTF2 to wear while I’m in it! Oh, and a hoverboard!

Whenever I was younger I imagine that I probably wanted Penelope Pitstop’s car from wacky racers. Looking at it now, I think it’s the ugliest car I’ve ever seen. Dick Dastardly’s is alright in comparison but I don’t think I want them anymore! Does the huge anthropomorphic dog come with it? Oh good, I’ll just tie him up in the…oh, there’s no boot? *Throws wierd dog thing overboard*

And last but not least, the Batmobile. Not much to say on it really. There are so many different versions but I like this one. I’d prefer a big dramatic wierd looking thing that a really fast sports car. I think my brother got it in a Happy Meal once so maybe that’s why.