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My necklace arrived from Hello Drama today! :D

Got home from college today and my package from Hello Drama was waiting for me! The necklace looks exactly as it was pictures (surprisingly! but sometimes when you get stuff online or go into the shop and see them, they aren’t exactly what you thought they would look like!) I’m actually so stoked to get out and wear it!

Sorry for the pathetic picture!

The camera pendant says 2012 on it (so if the world ends then, it’ll never go out of date :P) and a heart with an arrow through it. It has a bunch of stones all over it too. The “photos” are spaced slightly further up the chain on either side and are connected into the chain so they stay in the right place and you don’t lose them. One has a lightning bolt and the other has a heart with the peace sign in it and they both have tiny wee hearts in the corner. They’re actually surprisingly intricately detailed which was a nice surprise.

Also got this card in it which will probably be stuck on my wall when I get more Blu Tack.

There were a bunch of those wee polystyrene thingies in the box to protect it from damage but obviously I, being a child, was far too excited for this. Unfortunately they’re only in the shape of an S and a E. I tried to write sex…it didn’t work haha.

That second picture was so you could see the stamps because it came from LA but due to my crap camera you can’t! If I ever do get a clearer picture I’ll put it up!

I got this necklace for free via Nylon Pink‘s street team. By completing challenges to help the band out you get a certain amount of points and you can buy items from their Hello Drama range with those points. Of course, you could just buy the jewellery yourself but this way you have to work for it ;)

I apologise for the photos. My camera didn’t want to focus on anything ¬.¬ but I hope I gave enough detail anyway. The original listing is here.