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Going Away To College

I haven’t posted in a while and seeing as my last post was about how I was shatting myself about starting college I though I’d write this one about college seeing as I’ve started now.

The first day was nowhere near as terrible as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all. My bus leaves at 8 and I got there at about 10 to 9 which is a long time for a bus but as its so busy in the morning, it stops at almost every stop which is extremely annoying. To make a long story short I got there and noone spoke to each other etc as they didn’t really know anyone else so that was good. If loads of people had already known each other I think I would have died.

Anyway, this is the second week in and I’m actually loving it (which is strange seeing as I’ve hated school my whole life). It makes me realise how much I really did hate school. At college the teachers are only concerned with why they are there; TO TEACH, not to lecture you. They don’t care what you look like, because it makes no difference to them. You’re treated like an adult in that you do not have to ask to go to the bathroom or told what to do outside of classes or anything.  You are treated like an adult human individual, not a candidate number. The fact that so many people come from so many different backgrounds is really cool too. I know that I wouldn’t have met half of these people otherwise as a lot if them haven’t even heard of the area I live in (and I thought it was well-known, haha). It’s also nice to be back in a mixed school again. Not that it really adds anything else apart from the fact there are hot people to stare at all the time now. I like being able to go in when you only have classes too. I’d be bored out of my mind otherwise and to be honest there wouldn’t be anywhere for everyone to go.

It’s in a really beautiful building too. As Tascha pointed out, it’s not so beautiful on the inside. It doesn’t look all that bad but it looks normal in comparison to the outside. Having to go to classes on the fourth floor and so on makes it seem even more like Hogwarts which it reminds me of anyway.

The only slight downside is that loads of people smoke. I mean, they all go outside and everything (obviously =P) but a lot of teachers give you a break in the middle of the class which a lot of people go for a smoke in. I don’t really mind but in a few classes, like film studies, the people who I would chat to who smoke sit between me and the people I would chat to who don’t smoke so they leave and there’s a gap between us. Its weird. it makes me look like a loner even though technically I’m with them.

I’m going to see Disney On Ice on Saturday so expect a blog post about that :).


It’s On, Bitch

Someone undid my edit of Wikipedia! I watched the film Groundhog Day yesterday and decided to edit it’s wikipedia page to say that the song, Ticket Outta Loserville by Son of Dork mentions it. There’s already a whole section for when it’s mentioned in music so it’s hardly a big deal. I added the following sentence:

“In the 2005 song Ticket Outta Loserville by UK pop punk band Son of Dork, the film is mentioned in the opening lines, “When I go to sleep I pray/I’m waking up to ‘I Got You Babe’/Like the guy from Groundhog Day/Just wanna live forever this way…” ”

Honestly, is there anything wrong with it? There’s links and everything! But then today when I looked at it, my sentence was gone! Looking at the history of the page, someone with a very questionable name had removed it. I mean, sure it’s not really important but surely it’s part of the film’s legacy which is what the whole section is about? I don’t know. My friend Tascha, who I have noticed I mention often, said that there’s no point in undoing it unless I want to start a “big edit war/dispute”. Honestly, who can be bothered? Well, I am educating people and I think that freedom of speech (shut up, i know this isn’t right) allows me to do so. I’m not vandalising but adding to the article. And Son Of Dork are cool. Shut up.

So, I undid what the other person did so my sentence is back and it’s there to stay. Honestly, it’s on, bitch.

Blog Twenty-One

Meant to post this yesterday but then I didn’t for some reason.

Actually had the best day ever yesterday. Woke up at like quarter to eleven as my mother came into my room to ask me if I wanted to go to lunch with her and my aunt (who is the funnest person ever btw) and my grandmother and my mum said she would come back at eleven to see what my answer was (I really was debating staying in bed) but she actually didn’t come back till twenty past and had annoyed the hell out of me by hoovering. We were meant to be there at half past and I would have been ready if I had actually gotten up at twenty past but I didn’t and then somehow the cat ran upstairs and my mother said she had come up to get me to get up haha. So yeah, eventually I did get up and dressed and I think we were there at like quarter to or something. Went past Tascha on the way although she didn’t see me (sad face) and then eventually got to my nanny’s house. My brother met us there at twelve (he brought flowers for her, bless him) and then he left cos he had to go to work and we went to The Old Mill for lunch. I had soup which was mega nice and other people had other things I won’t tell you about cos its boring (much like this blog). Went downstairs, got a scarf, took some pictures and went to Zamba Shoes in Kings Square and me and my aunt looked at every pair. There are some really nice ones but they’re all too dear unfortunately. Went home, no sign of the cat so we just all sat and talked for ages, then my sister came home, and we just sat and talked for ages while our new conservatory door was being fitted. Eventually the cat came back (she had been away all day) and she sat on my knee and purred for ages. Then we had some dinner (couscous on everything for me) and my father, aunt and granny decided to have a conversation about Afghanistan and future wars we may have (now I’m scared of Korea) and then they went home and I think I went online or something and it was way later than I thought. I then watched the end of A Fish Called Wanda (which isn’t really that funny although its good) and Airplane! which also happens to be Tascha’s favourite movie (she hates it) and everyone has seen except me. Also didn’t find it that funny but it was alright.

Today, we went into school, had lunch etc. Nothing overly exciting happened. I am wearing my really attractive Ramones leggings though which is probably ill-advised as it is rather hot today but I’m actually really cold now. Went out to see the cat (called Maisy now although Maisy was a mouse as I keep pointing out) and the Molly (who is also a cat) from across the street appeared and Maisy started hissing and spitting at her so I had to make her stop haha. I also thought she was drooling but she just had some jelly from her food on her mouth.

Sorry, this was boring but I thought I’d put it here anyways. If you read it all, I win!