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There are no penguins on the North Pole.

Due to the face that we have to do film studies coursework entailing a storyboard for a film (we have to take pictures as if they’re in the film) I’ve been a bit obsessed with zombies today. I mean, I like zombies, Zombieland is one of my favourite films. I want a tattoo saying “Rule #32” because of it…take that whichever way you want to. Last night I attempted Zombie makeup with whatever I had lying around my room which was a bit of a fail and ended up like this:

Not sure why I did that actually…nor why I didn’t add any of the fake blood I have. It would look alright from a distance but I hate when people attempt zombie makeup and have the face ridiculously white so it just looks like face paint…which it is. You’re supposed to look ill! Inspired from my time watching some youtube videos on how to create zombie wounds etc I went to Craftworld today to see if there was anything that could possibly help considering I have to actually take pictures of people eating brains etc. I got my two types of fake blood there like a year ago so I was thinking I’d be able to find something but to no avail! I was actually hoping for some liquid latex seeing as that seems to be the best. There was only face paint which only works to a certain extent (kids’ Hallowe’en parties…although actually covering your face in scars and stuff for a Hallowe’en party probably isn’t the best idea either) so I’m going to have to find it somewhere else (difficult) or find an alternative (even more difficult).

In other zombie news I now have a zombie tshirt wishlist except not really because I don’t want them enough to actually buy them myself but as far as zombie tshirts go, they’re pretty snazzy.

Source: Amazon.

Rules of Zombieland. I saw ones ages ago with 32 rules or something on it which the makers of the tshirt has guessed. Good but with a possible sequel I wouldn’t buy it…cos it would be wrong.

Source: Cafepress

I’m only including this one because the font looks like it actually does in the film unlike all the other ones which are just orange or something. And this could be incentive to go to the gym. Except I don’t. And zombies would probably be the only reason I would. So maybe I should start. Or something. “When the virus struck, for obvious reasons, the first ones to go were the fatties.”

Source: Amazon

I swear I’m actually not obsessed with Zombieland. I just like these ones! I like this because it looks like you won Zombie Kill of the Week and got a tshirt for it :P And I was just thinking what a good tshirt this would be and then found it :)

Source: Amazon

This happens to be a Shaun of the Dead tshirt with all the weapons they used in the film. But considering I only have the zombie survival guide book on my computer, it would come in handy. Its easier to carry.

Source: Cafepress

I enjoy this. Not entirely sure why. I like the tagline. Could come in handy.

i think that’s enough, don’t you? there’s also an “Alice in Zombieland” book coming out similar to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and all that jazz. Sounds good. My two favourite things combined :) Wish I’d writter it now. And I know its not like the film Zombieland. Its the zombie equivalent of Wonderland. Yupp.

So basically, I need to figure out how to do Zombie makeup and make it look good. For a first attempt that took about 10 minutes without any forward planning, using only what I had in my room I did alright really. Should have used fake blood though. And once I get glue I shall attempt to use papier maché.


Blog Twenty-Eight

Found this recently: lamebook It’s basically a bunch of rather questionable pictures or statuses from Facebook. They’re mostly funny or ridiculous.

Joined Dailybooth in case you hadn’t noticed. Someone posted with “You don’t understand how much i screwd up :'(” and someone replied with “you even screwed up spelling screwed. wow.” haha.

I need a haircut. My fringe goes past my eyes. It tickles my nose! Genuinely felt that if my hair was black I would be channeling the spirit of Joey Ramone. Speaking of which, should I dye my hair? (Thats a yes). What colour? I’m edging towards pink. Don’t know why haha. I prob have to wait till after the exams though cos Miss McMullan seems to take a massive shit over these things even though I only have to go in 4 more times.

My mum just said “playbox” WTF?! Is this some wierd hybrid of a Playstation and an Xbox?! Seriously, she must be ill or something.

I Heart Pie Charts

They really make me lol.

My nanny once said “Is that Stephen?”

Then Glee messed it up which is a good thing to make a pie chart of. “Amount of songs I actually like the Glee cover of” 100% none.

So far today this is completely true but there’s nowhere else I need to go anyway.

True. Not that its really difficult to find porn. You just search “sex videos”…not that I would know. Nice that this person has made it the colour of the logo too.

I think I’m green although my mother did once drag me downstairs in the middle of the night to watch a Queen concert.

True. Although the whole ice caps melting thing really needs to be looked at.

These colous are horrible…does this go counter-clockwise?!

It’s On, Bitch

Someone undid my edit of Wikipedia! I watched the film Groundhog Day yesterday and decided to edit it’s wikipedia page to say that the song, Ticket Outta Loserville by Son of Dork mentions it. There’s already a whole section for when it’s mentioned in music so it’s hardly a big deal. I added the following sentence:

“In the 2005 song Ticket Outta Loserville by UK pop punk band Son of Dork, the film is mentioned in the opening lines, “When I go to sleep I pray/I’m waking up to ‘I Got You Babe’/Like the guy from Groundhog Day/Just wanna live forever this way…” ”

Honestly, is there anything wrong with it? There’s links and everything! But then today when I looked at it, my sentence was gone! Looking at the history of the page, someone with a very questionable name had removed it. I mean, sure it’s not really important but surely it’s part of the film’s legacy which is what the whole section is about? I don’t know. My friend Tascha, who I have noticed I mention often, said that there’s no point in undoing it unless I want to start a “big edit war/dispute”. Honestly, who can be bothered? Well, I am educating people and I think that freedom of speech (shut up, i know this isn’t right) allows me to do so. I’m not vandalising but adding to the article. And Son Of Dork are cool. Shut up.

So, I undid what the other person did so my sentence is back and it’s there to stay. Honestly, it’s on, bitch.

I’m Not Allowed To Tweet D=

Apparently I have reached the “status update limit” and I have to wait a few hours. Originally I thought it meant altogether seeing as it stopped on a really round number (8140) but I think it’s the hourly one seeing as I did tweet a lot due to Eurovision and more than one person I know being online at once and I know that there are people who have more tweets than me! In case you didn’t know, there is a daily and hourly allowance of status updates on Twitter. I think it’s so that Twitter doesn’t get over capacity all the time if every tweets loads and loads although Twitter still does get over capacity loads so sorry if it did for you tonight! That was probably me. This is the first time this has happened for me though. It’s bizarro.

Also, while we’re on the subject, we lost Eurovision big time. Honestly, LAST?! Why don’t they actually get people who we already know are good singers? They should have got Susan Boyle seeing as she was famous worldwide on YouTube from her Britain’s Got Talent thing. Or Rick Astley. Everyone loves him. To be honest, with people like Elton John and so on, the UK should have someone representing us who we want to represent us! They really should just pick someone from the charts cos it would do a lot better. And also, a year too late, I like Germany’s song from last year. Dita Von Teese was in it (still don’t get why) who I love and it really should have done better. Love Graham Norton’s commentary and he made it so much funnier than it would have been (although Sir Terry Wogan is a legend). Might comment on Germany’s song next year if you’re lucky.

EDIT:: I am allowed to tweet now =]

“Isn’t it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?”

I don’t think I’ll ever be on trend. If those 3D glasses do get popular I will feel deceived. I liked them first. Also, in Back to the Future 1 there’s a guy who always wears those cheapo 3D glasses. In the 50’s too. Were 3D films around then? I have old school Ray Ban glasses which make me look like John Lennon and made Tascha say “Don’t you look so cool?” which I think means that I didn’t. They’re my dads and we all know he’s really stylish. Actually my dad’s a cowboy…I’ll explain this one later. I’d actually like some Aviators but I think they’d make me always want to watch Top Gun. Maybe I’ll just get a parasol. “Cool in the 1800s and Jane Austen novels, cool again in your life but not really.”

And now I think about it, this quote doesn’t have much to do with this post apart from the fact that he was an aviator…sorry. Oh, and he flew from New York and I’m wearing my Hard Rock New York t-shirt…? I don’t know. It’s the first thing I thought of.


I drew him all by myself…really. Well maybe with some help from ScribblerToo but otherwise he was the handiwork of yours truly and her mouse.